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No matter where you drive in Beverly Hills, whether it’s on the winding residential drives north of Santa Monica Boulevard or the downtown streets to its south, you face an ever-present risk of getting into a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence. If that accident leaves you injured, then you have the right to receive financial compensation for the harm you have suffered.

An experienced Beverly Hills car accident lawyer from Hurwitz Law Group can help you get the money you deserve. Contact us today or call (323) 244-4147 for a free consultation.

How Our Beverly Hills Accident Lawyers Can Help You

The primary job of a Beverly Hills car accident attorney is to secure full, fair compensation for the injuries and losses you suffered in a Beverly Hills car wreck. At Hurwitz Law Group, our team has the know-how and resources to:

  • Investigate the causes of your car accident;
  • Identify the party or parties whose negligent actions led to the collision;
  • Evaluate your injuries and losses to calculate the damages you deserve;
  • Prepare, file, and litigate lawsuits seeking compensation from anyone at fault for causing you harm;
  • Negotiate a top-dollar settlement of your claim whenever possible; and
  • Present your case at trial to secure a judgment or jury award for the amount you deserve.

Every client represented by the experienced auto accident lawyers at Hurwitz Law Group receives personalized attention and legal services tailored to their unique needs.  We cannot guarantee results, but we can give our clients the peace of mind of knowing their lawyers put their interests first and have the skill and reputation to secure maximum compensation in even the toughest car collision cases.

Common Causes of Beverly Hills Car Accidents

Any number of preventable scenarios can lead to a car accident in Beverly Hills. Some common preventable causes of a crash in Beverly Hills include:

  • Driving too fast on the winding roads near Coldwater Canyon;
  • Drinking and driving after a night out at a Beverly Drive restaurant;
  • Aggressive driving in traffic on Wilshire Boulevard;
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way at the five-point intersection at Sunset & Rodeo;
  • Racing to beat a red light on Olympic.

An experienced Beverly Hills car crash lawyer from Hurwitz Law Group can help victims of accidents caused by these and other negligent driving behaviors obtain full compensation from the parties at-fault.

Who’s Responsible for My Injuries After a Car Accident?

In Beverly Hills and throughout California, the law holds individuals, businesses, and others liable for money damages when their negligent or wrongful actions cause a car wreck that harms someone else. Parties who could owe you compensation for the injuries you suffered in a Beverly Hills auto accident could include, for example:

  • Drivers whose careless actions behind the wheel caused the crash that injured you;
  • Employers of drivers who cause a collision while driving a work vehicle;
  • Bars, restaurants, or social hosts who serve alcohol to a minor who then causes a car accident;
  • Automotive manufacturers if they produce and ship defective cars or car parts that fail, causing a crash;
  • Government entities if the accident that injured you resulted from their failure to design, build, or maintain roads safe for the public to use.

These are just a few examples of who might owe you damages for the injuries and losses you suffered in a Beverly Hills car accident. A skilled car collision lawyer from Hurwitz Law Group can analyze the facts and circumstances of your crash in Beverly Hills to determine who may owe you compensation.

What If I’m Blamed for My Car Accident?

It’s not uncommon for people who get into a car accident in Beverly Hills to point fingers at each other when laying blame for the crash. If someone claims you caused the accident that left you injured, that’s okay. Experienced vehicle accident lawyers like the team at Hurwitz Law Group know how to get to the bottom of the facts of an accident to identify its true causes.

Even if the facts show that you bear some blame for a crash, that’s also not a problem. California law permits you to seek compensation for your auto accident injuries and losses even if your own careless actions played a role in causing the accident. The amount you can recover with the help of your Beverly HIlls car accident lawyer is simply reduced by whatever percentage of fault in the accident belongs to you.

So, for example, suppose you got hurt in a single-car accident on a twisting canyon road. You were driving too fast to navigate the curve in the road where you crashed, so you bear at least some blame. However, after investigating, your auto wreck lawyer also discovers that earlier in the day of your crash, a construction vehicle had spilled sand and gravel at that same curve in the road and had failed to clean it up, making the road surface dangerously slippery and likely to cause a loss of control. In that case, even though your regrettable decision to speed constituted a cause of the accident, so did the failure to clean up spilled sand and gravel, so you may have a case against the construction company for their portion of fault for your injuries and losses.

Proving Negligence in a Beverly Hills Car Accident

car accident

How does a Beverly Hills car accident attorney prove that someone else’s negligence played a role in causing your crash? Every case is different, but generally speaking, the lawyer gathers together evidence to prove three basic facts:

  • An individual, business, or other party owed you a duty of care not to act in an unreasonably dangerous way that put you at risk of getting hurt;
  • That party breached its duty of care to you by, in fact, acting in an unreasonably dangerous way; and
  • That breach led to an accident that injured you and caused you damages.

The specific steps an auto accident lawyer in Beverly Hills takes to prove these facts may include interviewing witnesses, obtaining physical or visual evidence (such as photos or video footage) of the accident scene, and hiring experts to evaluate the evidence to establish what happened, who is to blame, and how much money they should pay you as compensation.

We’ll Help You Demand Money for All of Your Car Accident Injuries

The automobile accident lawyers and legal professionals at Hurwitz Law Group have years of combined experience fighting for the rights of Beverly Hills car accident victims. Our mission is to ensure that our clients receive the most compensation available to them under California law. We work tirelessly to help them secure that money as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Every case we handle differs, but our team may demand payment on your behalf for:

  • Medical expenses related to treatment of your car accident injuries;
  • Other expenses that you wouldn’t have but-for the car accident;
  • Lost wages and income resulting from a car accident injury, such as when an injury leaves you disabled;
  • Your pain, suffering, diminished enjoyment of your life, and harm to your personal relationships; and
  • In appropriate cases, exemplary damages designed to punish the party whose actions harmed you.

As we mentioned above, the car wreck lawyers at Hurwitz Law Group cannot guarantee the type or amount of damages you may receive with our help. But, we can promise to fight for every last dollar you deserve.

Contact A Beverly Hills Car Accident Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a car accident in Beverly Hills, then you may have the right to receive substantial financial compensation. A Beverly Hills car accident lawyer at Hurwitz Law Group can help. Contact us online or call (323) 244-4147 for a free consultation to learn about your rights.

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