• If you're reading this review you don't need to bother to look anywhere else; simply put, Brian Hurwitz is the best DUI attorney (and one of the best professionals period) I've had the pleasure of working with in this city. After hiring Michael Kraut for my DUI, overpaying, and being completely ripped off I felt pretty hopeless about my situation. I didn't feel like I could trust any lawyer after my horrible experience but Brian completely changed that. He responded to me right away and stayed on the phone with me for a while figuring out a game plan to help me out of my situation before we even talked about payment. When we met in person I told him about my previous experience and he was able to work out a really great rate with me and allowed me to pay in installments which no other lawyer was willing to do. From the moment we spoke he invested what felt like every fiber of his attention and trust into my case and naturally I reciprocated. Brian consistently went above and beyond making sure I was getting everything complete and payed off on time which was a major help for me as I have quite a busy work schedule and tend to overlook things like this. Hiring Brian was one of the best decisions I've ever made, and if you are feeling scared or hopeless about your DUI there is no doubt in my mind that he is your solution.

    Gabe Z.
  • Brian Hurwitz was the first recommendation we got from a friend after my uncle was arrested. I instantly called him and after we met him, we did not think about looking for someone else. He was very calm about the situation and reassuring throughout the whole process. I appreciate how patient he was with us, since my family and I did not know how to go about the whole situation. Brian took his time to explain what my uncle's case consisted of and the possible events that could have happened. He was also very positive about the case and always had high hopes for my uncle. Whenever I had a question, I would call or email him and he would respond as soon as he saw it. He has great knowledge on these topics and the court system, which is important. Most importantly, he was able to get my uncle out of jail and prevented him from being deported, which I am eternally grateful for. I highly recommend Brian to anyone who needs a lawyer because he has the ability to win your case! Thank you Brian for everything you have done for us!

    Rubi S.
  • Would definitely recommend! Brian was very professional and made every step of the process very easy. He kept me updated in the most-timely manner and he always answers my text messages/calls!

    Jim C.
  • Genuine, knowledgeable, and empathetic to the concerns of clients. The California Bar Association should feel fortunatw to have him amongst their ranks. Quick to respond and clear in his explaining of the laws. I will never regret seeking his counsel and guarantee you will not either.

    Heath H.
  • Brian Hurwitz is hands down The best Criminal Defense Attorney! I found myself in a jam after I was wrongfully accused of something I did not do. Brian is relentless in the courtroom. He will fight for you until no end. Brian was personable and compassionate towards my situation. I am happy to say that the end result Brian was able to get my case dismissed and proved that I did not commit the crime. Trust me and hire Brian Hurwitz now!

    Gus M.
  • Awesome attorney! Reduced my DUI charge to a Wet Reckless. Met up with him to sign paperwork and he was very professional and knowledgeable.

    Iliana M.
  • During a drunk night, I managed to get in some very serious trouble with the law. I had never been in a position where I would be facing jail time and a felony charge. I was introduced to Brian by a friend that spoke highly of him and his work. Needless to say, I was not disappointed with his service. Brian exhausted all effort and knowledge to drop my charges down to a misdemeanor with no jail time. He responded to all my texts, phone calls, and emails. He is an expert at criminal defense and demonstrated it in court against a hard DA. I would recommend anyone looking for a defense attorney to contact Brian and his team.

    Bobby S.
  • I have called many lawyers and Brian is hands down the best one. He really cares about your issue, will answer your questions and give you as much info as you need and some that you didn't know you needed. He takes the time to work with you, listen to your problems and offer potential solutions. I would absolutely recommend Brian to anyone who needs legal representation!

    John R.
  • Simply the Best Attorney!! This was my first time in need of an attorney and I did not know who to turn to. I have a professional license and this case was extremely important to me because I could have lost my job. A friend recommended I call Brian Hurwitz. Brian Hurwitz was not cheap but the level of service he provided was worth every penny! The attention and time he devoted to my case showed me his level ofprofessionalism. He knows the law and he knows how to get results. Brian is strong, confident, and creative. I am happy to say that he saved my job and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Brian Hurwitz.

    Gretchen P.
  • First time in need of an Attorney and hopefully the last. Being from Texas with no connections in California. I called every law firm there was in the area. The only ones that showed any concern from the beginning were Brian Hurwitz and his team. I decided to hire them. I am extremely glad I did. They were reasonable, friendly, assuring and very affective. Thanks to Brian and his team I am free without any consequences. Being that I'm from out of State. I never got to meet him. They did all the work for me. I hope to meet him one day so I can thank him in person.

    Astrit K.
  • Brian Hurwitz is a Super lawyer!! I was in a legal bind and found myself in need of an attorney. I was referred to Brian Hurwitz. He made me feel like he truly cared about my situation. During the time he represented me he always kept me informed on the status of my case. I was able to reach Brian late at night and weekends when I had questions. While my case was difficult He kept fighting for me and never gave up. Brian Hurwitz is a warrior and really went to battle for me. Ultimately, Brian was able to secure the result that I wanted. I recommend your hire Brian Hurwitz and you will sleep better at night knowing he is representing you.

     Ivy G.
  • Highly recommend Mr. Hurwitz he's good at what he does and takes care of everything if you have a busy schedule. He helped me out with a dui where I had to pay thousands and minimized it to only 2 days of community service and a small court fee and was driving in a couple of months. 2 thumbs up

    Jose C.
  • Brian Hurwitz is a super talented attorney. I was in need of some legal help with a serious situation I was in and Brian answered my call on a Sunday. He provided me with very honest, sound advice. I hired Brian and he was exceptional with his representation. He was aggressive and fearless in handling my case. He has a talent at breaking down a complex situation and preparing a creative defense strategy. Brian was able to clear my name and restore my life. Brian Hurwitz is the lawyer you want on your side.

    Greenfolia U.
  • Brian Hurwitz is my go to lawyer!! I found myself in some serious trouble facing some felony strikes. I had seen Brian in court and decided he was the lawyer for me. My previous attorney told me I was going to have to take an offer for 5 years and 8 months. I needed a lawyer who was going to fight for me. Once I hired Brian he fought for me and was able to get me probation and a suspended sentence. I am thankful for Brian saved my life. If you are in serious legal trouble go to Brian Hurwitz!

    Tajgee G.
  • Dealing with the law is never a good thing, Brian took a fairly complex yet simple case and knocked it out of the park. I was informed on what's going on and didn't have to waste my time in court...most importantly, he did his job and he did the best job I could ask for! Thanks again Hurwitz Law.

    Chris C.
  • Highly recommend having Brian Hurwitz on your side!! Brian and his people were all very positive and caring towards my husband and I while dealing with a difficult situation. Anything that involves the law and criminal courts is extremely stressful and don't wish that burden on anyone but if it does I recommend you putting your trust in Hurwitz Law.

  • I appreciated their honestly, they provided solutions and alternatives to different avenues that our case could possibly go in. My anxiety level definitely lowered after meeting up, I felt very comforted by their humbleness and down to earth attitude yet still very professional. I loved the fact that they wanted to know and listened to all my concerns. My phone calls and text messages were responded in reasonable timing, everyone hates unanswered phone calls and that was NOT the case with Brian.

  • When court date came my husband and I weren't even in the court room for more then 10min and we were told our case was dismissed! Brian worked his magic and saved us from a possible life changing nightmare. Thank you Brian!!!

    Karina M.
  • Brian Hurwitz seemlessly handled my situation with the most professionalism and care. I was facing a DUI and he was able to reduce it to a wet reckless. so happy to not have to install an interlock device. I am thankful I had Brian represent me. You will be in great hands if you hire Brian Hurwitz.

    Richard p.