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After being charged with a crime anywhere in Los Angeles County, securing the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney is one of the pivotal decisions you can ever make.

A skilled and experienced attorney with a proven track record will dramatically increase the chances of a favorable outcome. The representation you receive will have lasting consequences for you and the people around you.

Secure the Help of the Highest Rated Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

There are thousands of criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles who are available. Selecting one can be confusing. We offer free consultations and case reviews. Don't hesitate to contact us to find out how we can help you. You'll be able to secure the help of the highest-rated criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. We are relentless in holding the prosecution to its burden of proof.

California Criminal Law Facts

Contrary to popular belief, police officers don't determine who gets charged with a crime and what crime or crimes the person gets charged with. Police primarily investigate crimes and gather evidence. It's the prosecutors, though, who make the ultimate decision on whether or not somebody will be prosecuted.

If you are prosecuted, you can choose between a bench trial, when a judge determines guilt or innocence, or a jury trial, where 12 jurors determine your guilt or innocence. No prosecutor can take that right away from you.

The Basics of California Criminal Law

A criminal charge against you can impact many aspects of your life. Those include your ability to work in your chosen profession, own a firearm, or even drive a car. That's one of the reasons why the burden of proof is on the people prosecuting you.

That burden is beyond a reasonable doubt. It requires the prosecutor to convince the judge or jury that you committed the crime you're accused of, and no other version of the facts can be gleaned from the evidence. It is the highest burden of proof. It calls for compelling evidence so innocent people are acquitted of offenses based on factual error. That burden of proof is so substantial that you don't even have to put on your defense if you don't feel it's necessary. That burden applies in all criminal cases, whether you're charged with a misdemeanor or a felony.


An infraction is the lowest form of a criminal charge. Although infractions are offenses, they're not considered crimes like misdemeanors and felonies. An infraction can be as simple as jaywalking.

A person charged with an infraction isn't subject to a jail term. They're subject to a fine only. A person accused of an infraction isn't entitled to a jury trial either. Any trial would be before a judge who determines guilt or innocence.


A misdemeanor is a more serious charge. It's punishable by up to 364 days in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.

An example of a misdemeanor would be California Penal Code 459.5, which defines shoplifting as entering a commercial establishment during regular business hours to steal merchandise valued at $950 or less.


Felonies are the most serious criminal charges in California. They're punishable by 365 days in state prison and thousands of dollars in fines. California does have a death penalty too. Nearly 700 prisoners are currently on death row.

The California Three-Strikes Law

California's Three-Strikes Law is in section 667 of the California Penal Code. It calls for a prison sentence of 25 years to life for a defendant who is:

Convicted of a violent or serious felony; and

Who already has a severe or violent felony conviction.

Further, it doubles the penalty for anyone convicted of a California felony with a severe or violent conviction. It's based on the belief that repeat offenders are the most difficult criminals to manage. It is because of their perceived unresponsiveness. to incarceration. That's why long prison terms for these prisoners appeal strongly to policymakers.

When You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal defense lawyer is an incredible asset to anyone charged with a crime. They're able to ensure and invoke your rights. They can negotiate the dismissal of a charge. He can negotiate the best plea bargain if they cannot do that. Never even go into questioning at a police station about a crime without a quality Los Angeles criminal defense attorney at your side.

When you get to criminal court, the proceedings can be highly distressing for you and your family. Without the representation of criminal defense lawyers, you might even inadvertently say something that operates against your best interests.

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At Hurwitz Law Group, we are a criminal defense law firm that ensures our clients clearly understand what confronts them. Witnesses are interviewed, and information is obtained from them. For purposes of guilty pleas, we make every effort to tailor a sentencing plan that's consistent with the client's needs.

Working in Los Angeles and surrounding counties daily makes us aware of the written and oral court procedures. We cover all types of felonies and misdemeanors on state and federal levels, like:

Meet The Lawyer

Attorney Brian Hurwitz

Founding Attorney

Brian Hurwitz is an experienced criminal defense attorney who has established a reputation among clients, prosecutors, and judges as an honest and trustworthy gentleman. He recognizes the stress and anxiety brought about when people are faced with criminal charges that may have a devastating effect on their lives. Achieving positive results for these individuals requires an attorney steeped in California law who also possesses insight into human nature.

Brian understands that his clients expect him to be compassionate and sympathetic as he listens carefully to their problems. To prepare a solid defense strategy, Brian has found that practicing every day in the courtrooms of Los Angeles and surrounding counties has afforded him the opportunity to gain intimate knowledge of the reasoning used by prosecutors and judges as they assess the cases brought before them.

The Criminal Court Process

The criminal court process refers to criminal prosecution from the arrest to a plea or verdict, to possibly even appeal. All criminal prosecutions start with an investigation. A police officer might suspect somebody has committed a crime after commencing an investigation or witness a crime while it's being executed.

The investigation might involve interviewing occurrence and post-occurrence witnesses or executing search warrants. Throughout the investigative process, the defendant has the right to remain silent. That's because anything he might say can be used against him in court.

If you're the target of an investigation, we could even get it dropped because of insufficient evidence. As soon as you know that there might be an investigation that you're involved in, you should consult with a skilled criminal defense attorney at the Hurwitz Law Group. We can resolve the issue before it becomes a problem. Early involvement is critical in achieving the desired outcome of any case law enforcement might contemplate against you.

Should the police have sufficient evidence to establish probable cause, you can expect them to move forward against you. An arrest will likely be made. You'll be booked at the police station. You'll be in custody until by the time of your arraignment, or you're released on your recognizance.

It would be best to be arraigned within 48 hours of your arrest, barring holidays or weekends. If you were arrested and released from custody, you must return to court on a date certain to be prosecuted.

At the time of arraignment, a guilty or not guilty plea will be entered. Nearly all defendants plead not guilty at the time of arraignment. If you're charged with a felony, your judge might order that a preliminary hearing be scheduled.

In a preliminary hearing, the judge will hear evidence in connection with the crime you're charged with and decide whether you should be charged with it. If the prosecution makes such a showing, that judge will transfer the case to another courtroom and another judge for trial. The case is dismissed if the prosecution fails to make such a showing.

The pre-trial process in a criminal prosecution involves the time following the arraignment to trial. This stage can last for months. The parties will exchange information about the case. This exchange is known as discovery. The judge may hear motions by either side.

Plea agreements might also be reached and heard for entry by the court. If such an agreement is entered, the criminal prosecution is concluded, assuming that the defendant complies with all terms and conditions of it.

The parties must proceed to trial if a case cannot be resolved in the pretrial stage. As previously stated, there are two kinds of trials. Those are bench trials and jury trials. In a bench trial, your lawyer will make opening statements and closing arguments. The judge alone will hear the evidence and determine guilt or innocence.

In a jury trial, the jury must be selected from a pool of jurors. Jurors can be objected to either for cause or without cause. According to the California Code of Criminal Procedure section 231, lawyers have unlimited challenges to a juror for cause. Without cause, they have 10. Upon jury selection, they're sworn in, and the lawyers make their opening statements. As the prosecution has the burden of proof in the case, it goes first. It then puts on its evidence, subject to any cross-examination. Since the prosecution has the burden of proof, the defense doesn't have to prove a thing.

After the prosecution concludes its case, the defense can put on its evidence. Then, the parties make their closing arguments. The jury then goes into deliberations. It's required to render a unanimous verdict. A mistrial might be called without one. Assuming that it is unanimous, the verdict is read in open court, and the defendant is found guilty or not guilty.

If the jury's verdict is not guilty, he is free. If it's a finding of guilt, the defendant is typically remanded to the Los Angeles County jail, and the case is set for sentencing.

Picking the best criminal defense attorney for your case shouldn't be difficult. Look for somebody with experience, a solid reputation, and a consistent comfort level.


Having the appropriate level of experience is essential. You want a lawyer who has been there before with an exemplary track record. That record alone speaks to the prosecutor and judge.


You can start with your state's bar association and learn everything about him. Maybe people you know have even used a lawyer. How highly is the lawyer esteemed in your geographical area? Have there been any disciplinary proceedings? Consider his professionalism too.

Comfort Level

Nobody wants to work with an attorney that they're not comfortable with. Be sure that you pick an attorney who you feel comfortable with. You're likely to be nervous enough.

California Criminal Charges Can Make You Feel Alone: The Hurwitz Law Group Is Here to Change That

Time isn't on your side. You're alone and in need of a professional lawyer who can advise you on your options immediately. A professional approach is needed so that you know all of your legal options and what steps to take next, especially if your constitutional rights were violated.

Our skilled California criminal defense attorney may be able to obtain the evidence that you need in support of your case, including physical evidence. Along with jail time and the ability to obtain evidence in your favor, the possible penalties of a criminal offense also carry fines and costs that can be incredibly expensive.

A Los Angeles criminal defense attorney might be able to keep these at a minimum.

Schedule an Initial Consultation With Our Experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

After being arrested in Los Angeles, CA, get the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer from the Hurwitz Law Group immediately by scheduling a free consultation. Upon retaining us to represent you, you'll benefit from a skilled and well-seasoned criminal defense lawyer.

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What Our
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Frequently Asked Questions

Before agreeing to your criminal defense lawyer, there are a few questions a potential client should ask an attorney to ensure he or she will receive the best possible representation.

If a potential client receives favorable answers to these questions, it’s a good sign that the attorney can provide an acceptable level of representation in the client’s matter. After hearing the attorney’s responses to the above question but before agreeing to representation, the client should consider the attorney’s demeanor and apparent level of interest in the case. Defense attorneys speak on behalf of their clients, so it is essential for clients to feel comfortable with their attorneys’ level of experience and ability to handle the full breadth of their cases.

How Long Have You Practiced Law?
Clients should be comfortable with their attorneys’ level of experience. Reach out to us regarding your criminal charges to see if we can help you.
How much experience do you have with this type of case?
The client should find an attorney who has successfully represented similar cases in the past.
What specializations do you have?
Some defense lawyers secure certifications for specializing in a particular area of law.
What percentage of your practice focuses on this type of case?
It’s vital for clients to find attorneys with the resources and staff necessary for handling specific types of cases. If a client is facing DUI charges but the firm’s primary practice area is family law, it may be best for the client to look elsewhere for representation.
How much experience do you have with the court where my case will take place?
Again, defense attorneys tend to focus on specific geographic areas, so a potential client should confirm that a defense attorney is familiar with the courthouse where the client’s trial is likely to take place.
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