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Hurwitz Law Group is an experienced Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney, which has established a reputation among clients, prosecutors, and judges as honest, trustworthy, and highly skilled practitioners. We recognize the stress and anxiety brought about when people are faced with criminal charges that may have a devastating effect on their lives. Achieving positive results for these individuals requires attorneys steeped in California law who also possess insight into human nature. We at Hurwitz Law Group understand that we, as Los Angeles criminal lawyers, are expected to be compassionate and sympathetic as we listen carefully to client problems. To prepare a solid defense strategy, we have found that practicing every day in the courtrooms of Los Angeles and surrounding counties has afforded us the opportunity to gain intimate knowledge of the reasoning used by prosecutors and judges as they assess the cases brought before them. This valuable information, and that gathered from listening to client predicaments, is then used to refute vigorously the arguments presented by district attorneys. Underlying the entire Hurwitz Law Group approach to winning in court is the importance of open and frequent communication. This skill is second nature to us. We know that speaking forthrightly about possible consequences and always being available to answer client questions is essential for a positive attorney-client relationship. We have used our good communication techniques to become accomplished negotiators. Thus, if we cannot convince the judge to dismiss a case outright, we turn to plea bargaining where we use our talent to persuade as a tool to obtain the best possible results for our clients. We project confidence, and this trait leads to trust and faith in us as we work tirelessly and diligently to fight the charges brought against our clients. Hard work, perseverance, and determination are what you can expect from your Los Angeles criminal lawyer from the Hurwitz Law Group.

With many years of experience of our Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys, we have changed lives. Let us protect yours.

In many ways, a misdemeanor or felony conviction brings with it more than just a permanent mark on your record. It can affect nearly every aspect of your life, from your gun ownership rights under the Second Amendment to future employment opportunities and everything in between.

Regardless of the crime you’ve been charged with, these are all reasons why finding the best criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles is of paramount importance. Everyone deserves their fair day in court and Hurwitz Law Group, Inc fights as hard as possible to make that happen.

Why Criminal Defense in California Matters

One of the most important things to understand about criminal defense cases in California in particular has to do with the state’s Three Strikes sentencing law. Originally enacted in 1994, it was designed to require ANY defendant convicted of a new felony to be sentenced to state prison for twice the term otherwise associated with the crime if they had suffered one prior conviction, or “one strike.” If a defendant was unlucky enough to have two strikes on their record, they would receive a state prison term of 25 years to life.

As of 2012, third strike offenders are only charged with 25 years to life if the new felony is a serious or violent felony – but that doesn’t make this situation any less important.

Regardless of your current charge, Hurwitz Law Group, Inc will fight for your rights and guarantee that you receive the fair day in court that you deserve. Attorney Brian Hurwitz is a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Los Angeles, experienced in all types of criminal charges, including but not limited to:

  • Misdemeanor. Misdemeanors typically include non-violent crimes like trespassing, petty theft, vandalism, and disorderly conduct. In California, misdemeanors carry a maximum possible jail sentence of 364 days along with negligible fees. Examples of misdemeanors include: domestic violence, battery, drug possession, trespassing, petty theft, vandalism, and disorderly conduct.
  • Felony. Felonies, more serious crimes, can be either violent or non-violent and carry with them hefty fines (potentially in the excess of thousands of dollars) along with potential prison sentences greater than a year. Examples of Felonies include: robbery, burglary, drug sales, grand theft, murder.
  • Wobbler. These are crimes that can be charged as either a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on the circumstance – particularly with the presence of certain aggravated factors – and may include the following: criminal threats, domestic violence, child endangerment, assault with a deadly weapon, certain sex crimes, child pornography, forgery, grand theft, hit and run, and others.
  • DUI. Also referred to as driving under the influence. According to the most recent information on DUI statistics available from the DMV on California cases, it is reported that an estimated 23% of all California DUI arrests occur in Los Angeles County alone. 

What to Look for in a Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer or Defense Attorney

Anyone accused of a misdemeanor or felony needs to understand the value of a reliable Los Angeles criminal lawyer. While the state will provide a public defender if the accused cannot afford a private lawyer or does not wish to incur the expense of hiring one, public defenders typically manage several cases at once and therefore will have little to no personal investment in any given case. A private Los Angeles criminal lawyer or Los Angeles criminal defense attorney like those at Hurwitz Law Group, Inc will provide a more personalized and comprehensive legal defense and have more incentive to reach favorable results for their clients.

Before agreeing to any legal representation, be sure to thoroughly investigate a potential criminal defense lawyer to see whether his or her track record shows promise for your case. Look for reviews and testimonials from past clients and cases to see if the attorney has had success in law that applies to your case. Many attorneys specialize in a few areas of law, while some only take certain types of cases. For example, a person accused of embezzlement will probably not have a good experience with a defense attorney whose only trial experience involves Los Angeles DUI felonies.

Location / practice areas are another major concern. Criminal lawyers tend to focus on one geographic area, and they cultivate relationships with district attorneys, judges, and prosecutors in that area. Some district attorneys may be intransigent when it comes to plea bargains for certain offenses while other district attorneys are more flexible. The right criminal defense lawyer will know the best way to approach a defense case considering the area and the other parties involved. 

Questions to Ask Your Criminal Attorney

Before agreeing to your criminal defense lawyer, there are a few questions a potential client should ask an attorney to ensure he or she will receive the best possible representation:

How long have you practiced law?

Clients should be comfortable with their attorneys’ level of experience. Reach out to us regarding your criminal charges to see if we can help you.

How much experience do you have with this type of case?

The client should find an attorney who has successfully represented similar cases in the past.
What percentage of your practice focuses on this type of case? It’s vital for clients to find attorneys with the resources and staff necessary for handling specific types of cases. If a client is facing DUI charges but the firm’s primary practice area is family law, it may be best for the client to look elsewhere for representation.

What specializations do you have?

Some defense lawyers secure certifications for specializing in a particular area of law.
How much experience do you have with the court where my case will take place? Again, defense attorneys tend to focus on specific geographic areas, so a potential client should confirm that a defense attorney is familiar with the courthouse where the client’s trial is likely to take place.

If a potential client receives favorable answers to these questions, it’s a good sign that the attorney can provide an acceptable level of representation in the client’s matter. After hearing the attorney’s responses to the above question but before agreeing to representation, the client should consider the attorney’s demeanor and apparent level of interest in the case. Defense attorneys speak on behalf of their clients, so it is essential for clients to feel comfortable with their attorneys’ level of experience and ability to handle the full breadth of their cases.

The Hurwitz Law Group, Inc is a leading defense firm for Los Angeles, and anyone facing criminal charges in the L.A. area should reach out to our team to schedule a consultation. California is unique when it comes to criminal defense, particularly when it comes to the state’s three strikes rule. Three felony charges will result in a sentence of 25 years to life, and different offenses may or may not qualify toward the three strikes rule under different circumstances. Instead of gambling with a public defender who has little to no personal investment in your case, contact Hurwitz Law Group, Inc to discuss your options with an experienced, trial-tested defense attorney.

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