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Accidents happen all the time. These unfortunate events could involve someone you love, a workmate, or any person from your community. Not only it is costly for some, but you can’t quantify the pain of recovering and missing out on plans and schedules. This pain is the reality that most accident victims had to face. A car accident may have caused catastrophic injuries that will take weeks or months of recovery. Unfortunately for some, recovery takes longer, while others do not make it. At Hurwitz Law Group, our Beverly Hills personal injury attorney remove the weight off your shoulders so you may concentrate on getting better and recovering without having to worry about the added stress of your legal and financial problems.

Since accidents are unpredictable, you’ll need absolute protection. At Hurwitz Law Group, we do not just recognize the rigors of recovering from your injury. We will provide effective legal representation to ensure that you’ll recover fair compensation. We are a Beverly Hills Personal Injury law firm representing clients who are victims of accidents in Beverly Hills, CA.

The process of recovering compensation may be too complex. But our personal injury lawyers will simplify it for you. Our personal injury attorneys will always be there to assist you, from negotiating settlements with the at-fault party, talking to the insurance companies concerned, to representing you in court when the case goes to trial. Contact us now for a free consultation and learn more about how you can recover compensation for your injuries.


Your personal injury cases do not have to be complicated. After all, the rights of citizens to recover damages from negligent parties should be simple enough for everyone.

A Beverly Hills Personal injury lawyer will:

  1. Represent clients who suffered injuries from accidents caused by the negligence of another;
  2. Help recover fair compensation for injured clients to cover their medical expenses;
  3. Gather evidence to establish a strong claim against insurance companies and negligent parties;
  4. Inform clients of their rights and responsibilities when filing a personal injury claim; and
  5. Handle all the paperwork and negotiations with insurance companies to ensure that clients get the best settlement possible.


Ethical, compassionate, and experienced. At Hurwitz Law Group, we prioritize the interests of our clients and make sure that they recover the compensation they deserve. We are a personal injury law firm that practices law with integrity. For these efforts, it is humbling for us to have received recognition from many award-giving bodies. This motivates us further to serve our clients and render justice to the best of our abilities.


Our performances are determined not by the number of damages we recovered, or the perception of the general public, but the satisfaction of our clients in achieving the results they deserve. By first understanding their needs and then delivering an effective plan of action, we have been able to deliver the warranted outcomes of their cases.

Honors and Awards

  • Super Lawyers Rising Star, 2018-present. Super Lawyer Rising Stars are chosen by their peers and are honored for their expertise in the legal field.
  • National Trial Lawyers Top 100. Selected for outstanding performance from 2017 to present
  • AVVO Client Choice. Rated by clients in the highest category of achievement, 2017 to present
  • Lead Counsel Verified. The Lead Counsel Rating is earned by peer recommendations, significant experience, and unblemished ethical behavior.
  • Martindale-Hubbell Rated. The Martindale-Hubbell Preeminent Peer Review Rating is awarded to those lawyers with the highest ethical standards and professional ability.


A Personal injury case is not just limited to an automobile accident. There are other types of accidents where persons are vulnerable to injuries from defective products, assaults, slippery floors in public places, etc. As long as negligence or fault of another person caused your injury, there arises a claim for damages. With years of experience in handling personal injury cases, we’ve handled various claims about different causes.

The following are the Beverly Hills personal injury cases that Hurwitz Law Group handles:

Regardless of the cause, or if you are uncertain on what type of personal injury case to file, you may talk to our personal injury lawyers to have further discussions regarding your claim. Knowledge and experience are essential when it comes to filing a personal injury case. Call us now for a free consultation.


In recovering damages for your personal injuries, it is important to specify the basis for all these. Asking for damages without specifications and certainty can lead to the dismissal of the case and wasted efforts in securing compensation from the at-fault party. Personal injury attorneys have the skills and experience to gather and organize evidence to prove the extent of the damages upon you. Attorneys can quantify some damages, which are proven as a necessary consequence of the injuries you sustained. These are economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are those that can be quantified or have a numerical value. These are damages on medical bills, funeral expenses for the wrongful death, costs of repair for property damage, and other expenses related to the injured party’s recovery.

Non-economic damages, on the other hand, are the results of these damages that the law acknowledges. Your physical pain and suffering, emotional pain, and loss of consortium are just some of the damages. Though one cannot quantify them, they are still relevant and requires compensation. One should not disregard the emotional distress for the hard recovery process.

The results or consequences of your catastrophic injury are not just limited to those seen in your bills. Whatever the result of your injuries, it is important to consider recovering compensation from those.

Call our personal injury attorneys at Hurwitz Law Group to know more about how you can recover fair compensation for your injuries.


Hurwitz Law is a personal injury law firm that prioritizes the interest of its injured clients. A personal injury claim does not have to start with expensive legal fees that discourage people from initiating lawsuits for their claims. We offer contingency fee agreements for our clients in Beverly Hills.

A contingency fee agreement is where legal fees are payable only when the client recovers damages or compensation, either from a settlement or lawsuit. This gives assurance to our clients that they only need to pay when they win their personal injury cases, such as when they have recovered compensation from the negligent party or the insurance company—no need to come up with funds to support your claim right away.

An experienced personal injury lawyer recognizes your need for damages. Though the process could be complex, we are here to make sure that we give you the best legal service for your injury claim. Call us to get a free consultation.


What is the statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Beverly Hills?

A person should file a personal injury claim within two years from the occurrence of the accident. This period is enough time for claimants to prepare their claim, consult with a personal injury lawyer, and file their personal injury lawsuit. The 2-year period also serves as a deterrent for vexatious claims that only aim to recover from doubtful or inexistent injuries.

How much does a personal injury case cost?

Legal fees for hiring a personal injury attorney should not be financially burdensome for personal injury victims. The cost of filing a personal injury claim depends on what you can recover as damages. In a contingency fee agreement that we have for our clients, the legal fees due are only a percentage of what you’ve recovered from the insurance company or at-fault party concerned.

What should I do if I meet an accident?

After an accident, seek immediate medical attention for injuries: call 911 or an ambulance for prompt medical treatment in a nearby hospital. It would be beneficial to take pictures of the accident scene and gather relevant information during the process. The important information could be the name of the driver at fault, the name of the premises where the accident happened, the plate number of the vehicles involved, and the name of their insurance company. Their contact details are also helpful in the process. If there were eyewitnesses, it is advisable to take their contact details as well.

Most importantly is to call a Beverly Hills personal injury lawyer for legal assistance. A personal injury attorney will organize the information you gathered and the medical bills you incurred to establish a strong personal injury claim against the negligent party.

What evidence do I need to boost my personal injury claim?

Some of the pieces of evidence you’ll need are photographs of the accident scene, CCTV videos of the building or road where the accident happened, eyewitnesses to the accident, medical bills, and statements from all doctors who treated you for your injury. These are vital to establish your personal injury claim and prove that your injuries were the proximate result of another person’s negligence.

If I file a personal injury lawsuit, will I go to trial court?

There will be initial efforts to negotiate a settlement with the negligent party and their insurance company. Reasonable efforts should be made to arrive at a settlement agreement favorable for both parties. When these settlement negotiations fail, that’s only when the case goes to trial. A personal injury attorney will assist you in preparing for the personal injury litigation process.

Why should I hire a personal injury attorney?

When you are involved in a car accident, you are burdened with so many things to consider. You may have sustained significant injuries such as a Traumatic brain injury, a spinal cord injury, or other severe injuries. You’ll need ongoing medical care for these injuries, so your recovery should be the priority.

These injuries prove why it’s crucial to hire a personal injury attorney. As you recover from your injuries, a Beverly Hills personal injury attorney will handle all the legal processes and settlement negotiations for you. The car accident attorney will be the one to prove the amount of compensation you ought to recover and the liability of the at-fault party. Personal injury clients have fewer burdens when they hire a car accident attorney.

How long does a personal injury lawsuit have to take?

The answer to this question varies since different personal injury cases have different circumstances. However, there are some things that personal injury attorneys and injured clients can control. Attorneys can initiate the filing of the claim and settlement negotiations in the soonest time possible. The time of filing and service of the pleadings on clients can determine when the case can go to trial or if the parties will resort to alternative modes of dispute resolution. The length of response by the insurance company in an insurance claim also dictates when the claims process commences.

Contact a personal injury law firm today to receive further information regarding a personal injury lawsuit and effective representation.

What if I am partly liable for the accident? Can I still recover damages?

Yes, you can still recover damages even if you’re partly at fault. California has comparative fault laws, which provide that parties to an accident shall be entitled to compensation based on the degree of their liability. Thus, if the plaintiff is 10% liable for the Beverly Hills car accident, their compensation shall be decreased by 10%.


If you are a car accident victim or have suffered a slip and fall injury, or any other personal injury, contact our legal team of personal injury lawyers today. Our experienced Beverly Hills personal injury attorney will be available to answer your queries and give you free initial consultation. Every person should not take a car accident case or any personal injury claim should lightly.

Give us a call at (323) 310-9677 for a free consultation, and let us know how we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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