Los Angeles Dating Violence Restraining Order Attorney

Los Angeles Dating Violence Restraining Order Attorney

Dating Violence is a serious issue in the state of California—which, unfortunately, targets young people as well. If you or your children are in danger of or experiencing a situation of dating violence then help is available to you. The law is on your side and is used to resolve matters peacefully. Escalation can be inevitable in certain cases, and without intervention, you may find yourself or a loved one in danger of dating abuse violence. Seeking help early on is vital to make sure the situation does not escalate. Hurwitz Law is here for any questions you may have.

Dating Violence Law Firm Los Angeles

Teen dating violence is a major concern for the health of your child. Abusive behavior in the 11-14-year-old age group leads to dramatically increased abusive behavior in later years. The 16-24-year-old age group has the highest per capita rate of intimate partner violence in the country, nearly triple the national average. The influences of peers, family, adults, media and personal experience end up condoning the use of abuse and normalize the idea.

Abuse that occurs during your child’s youth leads to unhealthy habits developing further down their lifetime. Both mental and physical consequences severely affect the way a teen develops. With dating violence being associated with:

  • Unhealthy weight control behaviors
  • Sexual risk behaviors
  • Pregnancy
  • Suicide

9.8% of high school students nationwide report being victims of teen dating violence. The results of which have long-lasting effects and work to continue the cycle of abuse. But there are ways to handle the situation and work to stopping it.

Los Angeles Attorney for Dating Violence Restraining Orders

Getting a restraining order can end the abuse that you or your child experience from a dating partner. If you are seeking a restraining order in order for you or your child, call our restraining order attorney to discuss your options. Call us at (323) 310-9677 for a free consultation and to learn your legal options.

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