Beverly Hills Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Beverly Hills Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Motorists share roadways with bicyclists throughout Beverly Hills CA and the entirety of Los Angeles, but it’s very unfortunate that many bike accidents occur due to the overall negligence/recklessness of drivers. When negligent motor vehicles collide with bicyclists, it’s typically the bicycle riders that sustain the more serious injuries and property damage.

The good news is that bicyclists can have a Beverly Hills bicycle accident lawyer like Brian Hurwitz in their phone contacts to call immediately after a bicycle accident, and having direct access to experienced personal injury attorneys will help you to successfully negotiate your claim with insurance companies and obtain the rightful compensation to reimburse you for your injuries and subsequent damages.

So if you or a loved one was injured in a bicycle accident, then you should contact us online and speak directly with an experienced bicycle accident attorney today.

When Do I Hire a Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

Any bicyclist will find it difficult to obtain their full and rightful compensation for their bicycle accident injuries without legal representation through an experienced accident attorney. Although bicycle accidents are certainly common, most cyclists don’t fully understand the intricate details of these legal processes. This puts you in a really bad position for insurance companies to take advantage of you, which they’ll shy away from when they know they’re speaking to a bicycle accident attorney.

Some of the benefits of hiring a bicycle accident lawyer include the following:

· Obtaining Legal Advice And A Thorough Case Evaluation: Having an experienced bicycle accident attorney speak on your behalf to insurance adjusters will completely flip the script on how those settlement negotiations will pan out. Your personal injury attorney will always have your best interests in mind, and will better ensure that your case isn’t resolved until you’ve obtained compensation for all of your damages.

· Handling Your Case Alone Is Ill-Advised: There are countless cyclists throughout Beverly Hills CA and Los Angeles that assume they know enough about California’s bicycle laws, but then they get way too confused in critical moments about the specifics of these intricate laws. However, when you put your bicycle accident injuries and damages in the trust of your attorney-client relationship, you can be more rest assured that your rights aren’t being jeopardized by an insurance company.

· Getting Your Proper Medical Attention And Formulating Your Case: Your personal injury attorney will have many connections throughout a whole variety of industries, which can go a long way in ensuring a speedy recovery from your injuries. Your attorney will also work directly with specialists to provide your claim with the evidence that it needs to prove how the at-fault party’s negligence caused the accident and your subsequent damages. If your claim needs to go to court, then you’ll need an experienced trial lawyer that has a track record of obtaining high settlement amounts.

Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Beverly Hills

The vast majority of bicycle accidents in Beverly Hills CA will entail a collision between a motor vehicle and a bicycle, and these accidents will many times result in people suffering from rather serious injuries.

Some of the common causes of bicycle accidents throughout all of Los Angeles include the following:


There are many bike lanes throughout Beverly Hills, and it’s unfortunate how countless motorists will simply forget about bikes in these lanes when they’re turning at an intersection. Because most vehicles won’t even see bicycle riders in these scenarios, they’ll end up colliding with the cyclist with enough force to cause injuries.

It’s important to note that the motorist is likely to be at fault in this scenario, but this depends upon whether or not the cyclist was abiding by the rules of the roadway.


“Left cross” bicycle accidents happen when a motorist and a bicyclist approach each other at an intersection in different directions, and then the motor vehicle driver turns into the cyclist that may be waiting in the middle of the intersection.

This type of accident scenario will typically occur when cars simply don’t see a bicycle rider, or misjudge how quickly they will leave the intersection.


A lot of bicycle accidents occur at an intersection in which a cyclist doesn’t have a stop sign and a motorist does. What typically would happen is that the bicycle rider would be free to move through the intersection, but if the motorist fails to stop it can lead to a collision that’s very difficult to avoid.

In this bike accident situation, the cyclist would have the right of way and the motorist would be considered at fault.


There are many scenarios in which people will park their car and then open their car door without looking, and this can be particularly problematic when they park one of the many streets in Los Angeles that have a bike lane. When a bike accident occurs due to a driver opening their car door in front of an oncoming cyclist, it’s the driver’s fault.


Even the slightest force from behind a bicycle can cause them to completely lose control, and this can subsequently lead to serious injuries and a whole array of damages. Although this type of bicycle accident occurs throughout all hours of the day, it’s more likely to occur at night.

Compensation for a Bicycle Accident Injury in Beverly Hills

Brian Hurwitz is a personal injury attorney that’s known for helping accident victims obtain large settlement amounts from insurance companies and at-fault individuals/entities. Some of the most common damages and types of compensation that we can help you obtain as your Beverly Hills bicycle accident lawyer include the following:

·     Medical treatment

·     Property damage

·     Loss of quality of life

·     Hospital stays

·     Pain and suffering

·     Loss of future earning capacity

·     Past income loss from not working

·     Emotional distress/Mental suffering

·     Physical disability

·     Home nursing services

·     Wrongful death

Common Bicycle Accident Injuries in Beverly Hills

Bicycle accidents occur throughout all of California, but Beverly Hills CA just so happens to be home to thousands of avid cyclists and irritable drivers. Some of the most common injuries involved in bike accidents in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles include the following:

·     Head/Brain injuries

·     Spinal cord injuries

·     Face, skull and neck fractures

·     Paralysis

·     Thoracic injuries

·     Road rash

·     Disfigurement/Scarring

·     Amputations

·     And wrongful death

What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

Here’s a brief list of what you should do after you’ve been involved in a bike accident:

·     Wait for the police’s arrival to the accident scene

·     DON’T begin negotiating with the motorist

·     Obtain the driver’s information

·     Get witness contact information

·     Document what occurred and the scene of the accident

·     Ensure that the police file a report

·     Get immediate medical care and obtain official documentation of your injuries

·     Keep track of your evidence and store it safely

·     Don’t speak to insurance companies before hiring a lawyer

·     Seek legal advice from an experienced bicycle accident lawyer

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