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In 2016, California became the fifth state in the nation to legalize recreational marijuana, in addition to remaining on the forefront of medicinal use approval. However, despite how consumers have chosen to enjoy the plant, the government remains at odds with who can and should get punished. If you need more information on our defense attorneys, check out our main page here: Hurwitz Law Group.

Unfortunately, at the federal level cannabis remains a Schedule I narcotic, sharing its title with LSD, ecstasy, heroin, and others, making it a confusing time to be a consumer. Even a fully licensed marijuana dispensary can get raided at any time by the DEA because the federal government told them to do so.
Whether you are a licensed medical marijuana patient, or you operate a delivery service for consumers, you can’t ignore having someone on your side to defend you. At Hurwitz Law Group, Inc we continue fighting as your best criminal defense attorney, proving your innocence and pushing back against overzealous law enforcers.

When you need the greater Los Angeles, CA to remain a safe place to enjoy lounges, bars, and dispensaries, you need an experienced attorney representing your case. Contact our firm whenever you need the best in local drug offense lawyers for your situation.

Defenders for Business Owners

The state of California has always remained at the forefront of fighting the federal prohibition of cannabis. Medical marijuana got approved back in 1996, and today is a multi-billion-dollar industry for the state.

Unfortunately, business owners today still find it challenging to obtain an application for licensing, as well as financial resources. Due to the federal status as a schedule 1 substance, traditional banks and other financial services are not allowed to lend money to legitimate companies.

Cannabis Defense Lawyer Los Angeles

As a legal business owner, you have every right to grow your company, as well as hire employees and operate your business without fear of harassment. Even though the Drug Enforcement Agency and other law enforcement departments can continue disrupting your operations, we say that they need to respect our state’s laws.

By now, it is only a matter of time before prohibition ends and everyone can enjoy cannabis without fear of imprisonment. However, until that day comes, our office always has its doors opened to you to provide you with the best in criminal law defense attorneys.

Protecting Medical Marijuana Patients

Schedule 1 narcotics are classified based on how damaging they are, their potential for abuse, and their lack of medicinal benefits. For example, the narcotic heroin can force a person to get addicted in just one use, and they will likely need to abuse it regularly throughout the day.

Today, however, we now see the potential in using cannabis to treat a broad range of diseases and disorders, and marijuana proves useful for children, the elderly, and other age groups. Although most medical research groups are still unable to thoroughly study and test the plant due to its federal classification, most healthcare professionals sing marijuana’s praises for a variety of symptoms and uses.

As a medical marijuana card holder, you are allowed to purchase, transport, and use cannabis for your personal use without fear of imprisonment. If the federal government has their way, however, they might still try and arrest you for possession or related crimes.

When you are a legal patient and user of marijuana, you don’t deserve to encounter trouble with the law. Make sure that you stay well defended against drug laws by having our team representing you.

What Am I Allowed to Do?

Because each state retains different laws regarding the use or possession of cannabis, it can feel frustrating to attempt and keep up with it all. Unfortunately, as a law enforcement officer will be quick to remind you, ignorance of the law is not considered a valid reason for breaking it.

Under the current state’s law, you may only purchase one ounce at a time or eight grams of marijuana products such as edibles. And while you will need to get it home, the open container laws that govern consuming alcohol while driving are in effect for cannabis use as well.

You will not have a chance to enjoy your dispensary products outside of the home, even in designated tobacco smoking areas in outdoor spaces like public parks and café seating sections. Although it is not a legal concern for you, your employer still retains the right to test you for substance use, as well as punish you however that they deem appropriate.

Just because it is legal to consume in California does not mean that residents and visitors can use it wherever they may like. Whether you have a question regarding the local laws or you are in trouble with the police, our firm is still the best defense you have.

Can I Sell Cannabis?

Each day, stocks for cannabis product companies and the industry as a whole continues climbing, creating more revenue for private individuals as well as increased tax revenue for the state. However, as is the case in any field of business, there are strict requirements, certifications, and other considerations.

Although the use of cannabis is now legal, you are still unable to peddle it on the streets. Possession with intent to sell remains a serious criminal conviction, and if you get caught with a firearm on your person, the punishment gets even more severe.

The state of California still adheres to mandatory sentencing, as well as their infamous three strike rule to contend with when you become arrested. That means that if you have received prior punishment, you may be in for an extended stay in prison.Getting certified to sell marijuana must get done correctly.

Contact us and protect yourself from costly mistakes.

Whether you are a delivery driver facing container laws or a new dispensary fighting the feds, you need all the help that you can get. Make sure you aren’t accidentally breaking the law and call us for all your legal needs.

Hurwitz Law Group, Inc is always there to represent you.

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