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The legal team at Hurwitz Law Group, Inc. knows that in the end, you oversee your defense decisions during your Encino area legal proceedings. However, we will confidently lay out the legal options for your criminal defense case and vehemently execute any strategy you so choose. We are never more than a phone call away, and will always be willing to discuss any aspect of your criminal defense legal proceedings. No one in the Encino area will work harder for you than Hurwitz Law Group, Inc..

At Hurwitz Law Group, Inc., our devotion to clients is always priority number one. In our many years of experience, we have helped countless clients from all over the Encino area feel properly represented in their criminal defense case.

When you work with Hurwitz Law Group, Inc., we work hard to get you the results you expect. At Hurwitz Law Group, Inc., we will stand by your side throughout the entire criminal defense legal process. We stand by our Encino area clients and strive to improve your chances of a successful outcome towards your case.

Hurwitz Law Group, Inc. will aggressively pursue your rights at hearings in trial, firmly negotiate with the opposing council, and tactfully present your case to a jury in a manner that they will understand. Hurwitz Law Group, Inc. has a proven record of providing strong, detail oriented advocacy for criminal defense defendants in the Encino area for many years and will bring the full weight of justice to your case. Our knowledge of Encino court rules and procedures is unmatched by any law firm in the Encino area. We are more than happy to discuss your pending criminal defense case with you.

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