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Driving under the influence or DUI is a severe offense in California. Facing DUI charges can be overwhelming because these charges involve serious penalties that include hefty fines or deprivation of your liberty. You might need to go to work the next day, or you may be wrongfully accused of failing field sobriety tests. You feel helpless despite knowing your rights since you do not know how to assert them. This is where a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer comes in to help.

Many people face a DUI arrest without knowing the remedies available for them. Others are forced to stop working or be detained in the Los Angeles county jail, uncertain of what comes next. Your car has been impounded, your driver’s license is suspended, and all the inconveniences keep piling up. A person who has enough knowledge of the criminal justice system can be of great help in these types of situations.

When faced with a DUI arrest in Los Angeles, get help from an experienced DUI attorney. DUI lawyers would know how to start with the legal process and save you from the trouble of facing jail time and other severe penalties. At Hurwitz Law Group, our DUI lawyers have represented clients who have been charged with DUI. We are a criminal defense law firm that has handled different DUI cases in Los Angeles. Our clients range from those charged with DUI involving illegal drugs, failed in field sobriety tests for drunk driving, and wrongfully arrested by Los Angeles law enforcement officers.

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By acquiring a drivers’ license, you also have driving privileges that pose responsibilities on the road. Drivers should uphold these responsibilities at all times. You have the right to be unbothered as you traverse the Los Angeles freeways and highways. You have the freedom to choose which road to take and advise law enforcement authorities if you see other violators.

Being arrested and facing DUI charges does not mean you have to surrender your rights and freedom entirely. The law provides remedies that you can avail of to protect your rights and retain the freedom you deserve, as enshrined in the Constitution. A Los Angeles DUI attorney knows just how to handle your DUI case.

You will be facing DUI penalties if you do not prevent law enforcement authorities from making unlawful arrests through the use of excessive force. Drunk driving charges, for example, do not have to involve excessive use of force when making arrests since there is no use of a weapon, and you are not an immediate threat to the safety of public road users. Your human rights should still be paramount.

A Los Angeles DUI attorney knows the intricacies of the law that will help you defend your rights and freedom. In criminal defense, you always have the presumption of innocence, which means the prosecution, as represented by the district attorney, has the job of proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Since this is a presumption, this can be overcome by the defenses presented and organized by a Los Angeles DUI attorney.

Call us at the Hurwitz Law Group to know more about our criminal law attorneys to help you defend your rights in DUI cases. Our criminal defense law firm will be here to assist you in all stages of the legal process.


What you need to know about California DUI laws

A DUI offense in Los Angeles can be a grave matter with fines and imprisonment and the long-term effects of having a DUI conviction. The DUI penalties, the procedure in handling DUI cases, and the process of license suspension and regaining its validity are some of the information that Los Angeles motor vehicle drivers should know.

The rationale for prohibiting driving under the influence in California is simple. This prohibition ensures that all drivers are in good mental condition while driving to prevent accidents and other automobile mishaps. Intoxication through the influence of alcohol, drugs, and other prohibited substances can deprive drivers of the necessary focus on the road. Driving intoxicated will pose more chances of not having control over the vehicle, leading to car crashes killing innocent lives.

One must know what to do immediately after a DUI arrest in Los Angeles. Of course, persons facing arrest should still be cordial to police officers, whether guilty or not guilty of a DUI offense. Hiring a DUI lawyer immediately after your arrest is a way to safeguard your rights. When detained in the Los Angeles county jail, make sure to inform your loved ones about the matter.

A criminal defense lawyer would know all the information regarding traffic laws in California. A DUI conviction is a serious matter that should be addressed by someone knowledgeable of the criminal justice system in California. Call a Los Angeles DUI attorney to receive immediate legal help.


A felony DUI involves penalties that are significant enough to change your life forever. A DUI charge in Los Angeles involves an automatic driver’s license suspension. A driver charged with DUI can overcome this suspension in a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hearing. Police officers are very strict in assessing whether you are driving under the influence. Several tests will be conducted once you are suspected of DUI, such as the field sobriety test and the blood or breath test. These tests determine whether you are within the legal limit of blood alcohol content in your system.

When it comes to driver’s license suspension, you must know that an automatic suspension can lead to an additional license suspension, especially if you are proven to be a repeat offender. These are just the minimum penalties since a criminal charge can result in maximum penalties of jail time for years. When your criminal record indicates a previous DUI conviction in Los Angeles, it could be hard for you to find employment and have the privilege of driving a more vehicle.

These are the reasons why you should think twice before getting behind the wheels when you know you drank alcoholic drinks. Once the arresting officers determine that there is probable cause for you to be charged with DUI, make sure to contact a knowledgeable DUI defense attorney who will come to your defense and ensure the protection of your rights.


Things you should do when facing DUI in Los Angeles

Drunk driving charges are serious in California. These charges can be overwhelming since drunk driving caused the death of so many innocent lives on the road. Understanding the severity of a drunk driving case is good, but it is also essential to know what to do upon your apprehension until the trial to prove your innocence.

It is always important to be cordial and respectful to the apprehending police officers when facing arrest. We must observe respect towards them all the time to avoid further liabilities. Ask them cordially the reason for such apprehension and be aware of their answers. Make sure that they are police officers by checking their badge numbers and the appearance of their police mobiles.

It is advisable to call a Los Angeles DUI attorney right away. You may inform the apprehending police officers that you’d prefer to call your attorney immediately. Upon being informed of your offense and placed under arrest, continue to be respectful towards the authorities. Ask the essential information such as the official charges against you, the court date, and the hearing’s venue.

In plea bargains, make sure to get the legal advice of a DUI defense attorney. Their advice will assure you that what you’ll be doing is more beneficial to your case. You will likely have a suspended driver’s license when facing an arrest. A Los Angeles DUI attorney will represent you in a DMV hearing for your license reinstatement. In this hearing, proof as to your DUI charges and that you are not a repeat offender. These pieces of evidence will prove that you are not a nuisance on the road and that the suspension of your driver’s license is not warranted.

Depending on the pieces of evidence presented against you, such as the chemical test conducted and the advice of a lawyer, it is advised not to plead guilty. In a criminal case, pleading guilty is only advisable when there is overwhelming evidence proving your guilt and that the only recourse is to plead guilty to receive lesser penalties.


In a felony DUI charge in Los Angeles, the prosecution will use several pieces of evidence to prove your guilt. Your DUI defense will also depend on the evidence presented against you, which can result from the several tests conducted upon your arrest. The following are the possible tests and other pieces of evidence that the prosecution can use against those facing DUI charges in Los Angeles:

Breath tests. Breath tests are done using a Preliminary Alcohol Screening device or PAS, which is done by the police to analyze whether there is probable cause to arrest an individual for drunk driving. A PAS is a handheld device where the person suspected of driving blows, indicating alcohol in a breath sample.

Blood tests. A blood test measures the blood alcohol level in a person’s system. This test is conducted immediately after the arrest to see if a person has a high or low blood alcohol level while driving.

Video evidence. Videos of the person driving on the road and their demeanor as seen in the body camera of a police officer can be used to determine guilt in a drunk driving case. The slurred speech of an individual may also prove that they are not in good condition to drive a vehicle at the time of the arrest.

Statement by the arresting officer. The district attorney gives these statements probative value. Since these are first-hand accounts of the actual arrest, these can be strong evidence of the demeanor of the person charged.


Penalties for Los Angeles DUI charges

A DUI case involves penalties that could have an immediate and long-term effect on a person’s life. Stiffer penalties await those who are charged for their subsequent offenses. The following are the penalties for a DUI charge, depending on the frequency of the offense:


The first offense constitutes a misdemeanor charge which is punishable with a jail time of 28 hours up to six months in a Los Angeles county jail. In some cases, the accused can be placed under probation instead of jail time, especially if it’s only a first offense.

A four-month administrative license suspension is also imposed.


For the second offense, the law imposes a jail time of ninety-six hours to one year with a fine of $390 to $1,000. Such offense also warrants a two-year driver’s license suspension and fourteen months of administrative license suspension.


Third-time offenders shall also be penalized with a $390 to $1,000 fine. California law also imposes a minimum of 120-day up to one year jail time. This penalty comes with a three-year driver’s license suspension.

In all of the penalties imposed, there are also required driving classes, seminars, and other educational programs to ensure that drivers are even more educated on the road and that such demeanor will not happen again.


Possible defense against DUI charges

It’s essential to overcome the pieces of evidence supporting the charges filed against you to have your case dismissed. Here are the possible defenses you can allege to avoid DUI conviction:

  1. Deprivation of the right to counsel. The right to counsel is a fundamental right that arresting officers should uphold. Individuals arrested should be able to call their attorneys of choice.
  2. Inaccurate test results. The influence of drugs or alcohol may not have influenced the individual’s way of driving. The devices used to test blood alcohol levels can be faulty at the time of the arrest.
  3. Use of medical marijuana. The legal use of medical marijuana can also be alleged as a defense since this can also prevent persons from having seizures and being in the proper mental state.
  4. Invalid arrest. Part of this defense is the police officer’s failure to conduct the mandatory 15-minute observation period before further testing. Failure to observe this makes the subsequent tests invalid.
  5. Presence of ignition interlock device (IID). The installation of an IID in a car prevents the driver from starting the engine when the IID detects the presence of alcohol in the driver’s breath. Since the driver was able to start the engine in a working IID, it is proof that there is no probable cause to arrest the individual.

Contact a criminal defense firm and consult with a Los Angeles DUI attorney to know more about your possible DUI defense. Call our law offices at the Hurwitz Law Group and be informed about your criminal case.


Understanding the DUI legal process

The DUI legal process in California starts from the arrest and may even extend to the trial of the case. Once charged with DUI, it would be helpful to know the legal process you’ll have to go through to plan your schedule and make yourself available in all the proceedings.

  • Arrest. The arrest places you under the jurisdiction of the police authorities. Arrests are made to apprehend the alleged offender and to conduct a chemical test to confirm the blood alcohol content in your system. Arrests were made because of the existence of probable cause established in initial tests.
  • Conduct of Hearings. The authorities shall hold DMV hearings to establish further the offender’s liabilities and give them the chance to be heard. This process involves imposing an administrative suspension on driver’s licenses and the lifting thereof.
  • Pre-Trial. This is where the consolidation of the issues in a case is made. These attorneys scrutinize how the evidence is acquired and the conduct of arresting officers in making the arrest. The alleged offender can state his defenses to avoid a DUI conviction in this part of the process.
  • Trial. If there is no settlement arrived at in the pre-trial and if the pieces of evidence are vital, a full-blown trial is required to settle the dispute further and determine the liabilities of the accused. In the trial, the criminal defense attorney presents the evidence required to prove the defendant’s innocence or no violation committed. The deputy district attorney has the job of proving the guilt beyond reasonable doubt by the offender.

An experienced lawyer can protect your legal rights in a DUI case. Call us at the Hurwitz Law Group to know more about the legal processes in a DUI case.


The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hearings in Calfornia are conducted to give those accused of driving under the influence the opportunity to know about the charges against them, the pieces of evidence, and the right to defend themselves from these charges. In DMV hearings, the DUI defense lawyer shall present arguments contradicting the charges preventing the prosecution from imposing administrative suspension and other additional criminal penalties. DMV hearings can also be an avenue for alleged drunk drivers to drop their charges once they prove their innocence.


DUI & Drugs

Driving under the influence of drugs is considered a misdemeanor charge in California. The penalties imposed on those found guilty of DUI Alcohol are the same as those found to have been under the influence of drugs while driving. These misdemeanor charges become felony charges in subsequent offenses.


Can I refuse a breath test?

No. This test is a mandatory requirement to prove probable cause to arrest you for DUI. Additional penalties may be imposed for refusal to take a breath test.

Will my driver’s license be suspended after a DUI arrest?

Yes. There is a high probability that your driver’s license will be suspended. However, there are remedies such as in DMV hearings wherein you are allowed to prove that a driver’s license suspension is not warranted under the circumstances.

What can I do to reinstate my driver’s license?

You can either look at the suspension order to determine the conditions you should fulfill before the reinstatement of your license. You may be required to pay reinstatement fees or accomplish the required driving courses or suspension period.

How much does a Los Angeles DUI lawyer cost?

There is no definite answer to this question. The cost of hiring a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles depends on their experience and expertise. The cost ranges from $2,500 to $3,500 depending on the time allotted for your case and the charges against the client.

Will I go to jail after a DUI arrest?

In A DUI charge, jail time can be mandatory for initial compliance with the tests to establish further whether you are under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. Even first-time offenders can be subjected to jail time for at least 48 hours.

How can a Los Angeles DUI lawyer help in winning my DUI case?

A DUI defense attorney can handle the legal process for you in all stages, from gathering evidence to analyzing your possible defenses and the presentation of all these in the trial. A skilled DUI attorney will provide effective legal representation to ensure that your rights are protected in all stages of the proceedings.


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