Eclectic Dining Experience in Los Angeles, CA

Top Restaurants to Dine in Los Angeles, CA

With the covid-19 pandemic, dining is no longer the same due to the safety guidelines. Some of the best restaurants to dine today are those with open spaces where people can keep some significant distance. Of course, Los Angeles never disappoints, thanks to the many restaurants with vast open areas, some of which include: Further facts about Los Angeles, CA can be found here.

Broad Street Oyster Company

This Malibu seafood spot is thriving due to its outdoor seating, drive-thru, and proximity to beaches. The lobster roll is as good as one can find in the LA area, but the menu extends to other seaside classics like shucked oysters, clam chowder, and a softshell crab sandwich. Information about Los Angeles, CA is a Lodging Paradise can be found here.


Mediterranean spot Momed is back open in Atwater Village. They have a big patio where you will eat lamb and beef meatballs with pine nuts, feta, pomegranate seeds, and tomato ragu, and excellent chicken skewers with chickpea aioli and tzatziki.

Caravan Swim Club

Steve Livigni’s boutique hotel restaurant at the Hotel June has ample outdoor space and polished seafood-centric cooking drawing inspiration from Baja California up the coast to Santa Barbara. The relaxed, cocktail-friendly vibes make this Westchester’s best new hangout.