Common Criminal Charges Handled by Our Criminal Defense Attorney

Hurwitz Law Group is a law firm committed to helping Los Angeles residents. No matter the crime you’ve been accused of, we help you without any judgment. Our goal is to see your charges dropped or reduced. Our criminal defense attorneys are always ready to negotiate until you are charged equitably. We handle various types of criminal charges, including; Learn more here.

Driving Under Influence (DUI)

Most accidents occur when drivers are driving under the influence. That’s why there are hefty charges for anyone caught. Our criminal defense attorneys are determined to have your fine or years of imprisonment reduced to a minimum sentence. See here for information about Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney from Hurwitz Law Group.


Felony includes crimes such as murder, grand theft, robbery, and drug sales. Whether violent or non-violent, anyone charged with a felony pays a hefty fine or more than a year of imprisonment. We understand the consequences of any felony, and that’s why we negotiate until you are charged legally. 


These crimes are either considered a misdemeanor or a felony. One is punished according to the severity of their intent. We work towards ensuring that you are charged depending on the crime you have committed. That is, you either face less severe punishment or get your case dismissed. For any questions, call us.

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