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Hurwitz Law Group Testimonials

Brian is an absolute professional. His firm helped me through a Domestic Violence Restraining Order case, even when his schedule was busy. Brian was very succinct and made sure that I had all of my paperwork and information in order. Brian also gave me a lot of insight on what to expect once we were in court. During the hearing, Brian's delivery was just as we had previously discussed, so I was prepared to speak to the judge and handle the respondent's questions. We were successful in my case, and I highly recommend Brian for cases similar to mine.

-Joshua C,

I hired Brian Hurwitz after my first lawyer tried to force me to take a plea deal for over 5 years of prison. I made the best decision of my life. Brian is a legal warrior. He Was persistent, aggressive, and never backed down from the District Attorney. Brian was able to persuade the District Attorney to give me a suspended sentence. I am so happy that I hired Brian. Hire Brian Hurwitz, he will go the extra mile for you!!

-Valley B.

Superb attorney. I am lucky I hired Brian Hurwitz. I had met Brian years ago at the health club. I finally needed his help with a misdemeanor case. He was always answering my questions. He was very professional. Brian Hurwitz was tuff in the courtroom. He displayed that confidence and power. The bottom line he really knows the City Attorneys in the courtroom and it made a difference. I heard the City Attorney tell Brian that she wouldn't agree to this deal to dismiss the case for anyone else and has never done that before for this type of case. Thank you Brian.I recommend you hire Brian Hurwitz if you want a real results.

-Zak G.

Words cannot describe how happy I am with attorney Hurwitz’s services. I spent a lot of time reading reviews on the internet and searching for a good lawyer. From the initial phone call i knew right away this was the lawyer for me. He was very confident and does his job well with minimal effort on your part. His work ethic speaks volumes. He truly goes to bat for you. He was very attentive to my case and Most importantly he delivered results. When your circumstances necessitate first class representation hire Brian Hurwitz.

-Sindy A.

Brian Hurwitz is a Godsend! I was referred to Brian when I was facing some legal trouble. He is honest and well connected in the courthouses. He worked relentlessly until he was able to get the result we were aiming for. Brian exceeded my expectations in every aspect of handling my case and my emotions throughout the process. Bottom line, I made the right decision in hiring Brian Hurwitz ! I highly recommend you hire Brian Hurwitz.

-Ricardo S.

I strongly recommend Brian Hurwitz. I retained Brian Hurwitz to represent me in a DUI case. He was relentless in fighting my case. He kept me informed throughout the process always responding to my text messages and phone calls, even late at night. The best part about Brian is that he makes you feel like a family member and not simply another client. He was very patient and really listened to my concerns. He has genuine passion for what he does which was very comforting.

-Jimmy A.

Brian Hurwitz is a great attorney that hasn't lost his way over the years. He is attentive, caring, understanding and very good at what he does. He has the patience to understand that these situations, while another drop in the bucket on his end, are life altering and very scary situations for clients and potential clients alike. I cannot recommend him and this law group enough.

-Ricky L.

Brian Huirtz is amazing attorney he works with you,explain everything in detail and made the process run smoothly, he is a lawyer with a high level of professionalism with so many years of experience, i was guided a long the way and attained a wonderful result due to the help i recived,case was handled efficiently. Prices are faird and his service always exceeds expectations, Highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for representation .

-Marcela F.

Attorney Brian Hurwitz is the best. I hired Brian to represent me. He was so calming and made me feel like he would have my back. He did everything he promised and then more. I was able to reach him when I needed to. He really pays attention and listens to what I had to say. Bottom line is Brian delivers results. He is a miracle worker. He is personable and professional in all my interactions with him. I recommend you hire him to work his magic for you.

-Thomas D.

Brian Hurwitz is the BEST criminal lawyer for me. I was in legal trouble and found Brian on yelp. I like his reviews because It seems like he Cares about his clients. He was very attentive to my needs. He always answered me in timely manner. I felt like he really fought hard for me. He was willing to keep working until he got the best result. He was so patient and understanding of my goals. Thank you for all your help. I recommend Brian Hurwitz.

-Yubisay M.