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After an arrest or a criminal charge, you may feel overwhelmed, embarrassed, frustrated, or confused. Whether the charge was legitimate or not, you deserve the best representation from a criminal defense lawyer who will aggressively and passionately communicate your defense to the District Attorney in order to achieve the best result. From misdemeanors to felonies, criminal charges can be difficult to fight and even more difficult to live with. If you’re looking for a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, contact Attorney Brian Hurwitz at Hurwitz Law Group, Inc. Attorney Brian Hurwitz has extensive experience representing people just like you, who are facing potentially life-altering criminal charges. His experience extends to helping individuals who are facing unjust accusations, even when “evidence” is presented by the District Attorney that seems difficult to fight. If you want your story told with strength and passion attorney Brian Hurwitz is the LA defense lawyer for you.

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If you’re facing a criminal charge, it could affect you for the rest of your life – but it doesn’t have to. At Hurwitz Law Group Inc, we believe everyone deserves fair representation in court and always strive to have our client’s cases dismissed or at the very least reduced to less serious offenses. We are prepared to go to war for you!


Our Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, Brian Hurwitz, works with each client personally to understand your case, build a strong defense strategy, and represent your best interest in court. In personally representing his clients, attorney Brian Hurwitz has built a relationship with many judges and prosecutors in Los Angeles; this allows him to better represent you and vouch for you during the course of your case. Whether you’ve been recently accused or you are overwhelmed by the details and requirements facing you and know you need help, call our experienced LA defense lawyer. We take pride in representing your case with a relentless and aggressive pursuit to achieve the very best results for your case.


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At Hurwitz Law Group, Inc our LA defense lawyer is experienced in defending individuals accused of domestic violence. As the best criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, attorney Hurwitz is compassionate and works to deeply understand each client’s situation, and build a defense that is appropriate to each individual case.

A domestic violence charge doesn’t have to define your life. It doesn’t have to interfere with your ability to find work or send you to jail. However, navigating the laws surrounding domestic violence (alongside the emotions and relationships involved in going to court with a significant other) is extremely difficult. Don’t do it alone; give our LA defense lawyer a call. We’ll work to understand your case and advocate for your side of the story.


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At Hurwitz Law Group, Inc we provide our clients with the best criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles. Our experience in defending individuals accused of criminal offenses – whether or not those accusations are warranted – makes us the attorney of choice for individuals who need dedicated, strong representation in court.

Our law firm is unique because our LA defense lawyer, Brian Hurwitz, personally works with each client. Attorney Hurwitz will review your case with you, investigate the evidence presented against you, and help you build a solid defense. Because Attorney Brian Hurwitz is dedicated to his clients’ just representation, he prioritizes his client relationships – even answering the phone after work hours, in the evenings and on weekends, in order to provide you with the best support possible during the legal process. Additionally, he works relentlessly to ensure he obtains the best result for every client; there are no shortcuts to a good result and at Hurwitz Law Group, Inc we are dedicated to providing the best results for our clients.

Even if you’re facing what appears to be a minor charge, it’s crucial to have the best legal help. Protect your rights by having Hurwitz Law Group, Inc on your side; give us a call today for more information on how to get started as one of our valued clients.


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