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We at Hurwitz Law Group, Inc. are creative in our approach to helping Pasadena area clients. We work hard to find the most appropriate means of achieving results for our clients in their misdemeanor cases.

We at Hurwitz Law Group, Inc. understand that being arrested or indicted can be one of the most horrible experiences you can face. We can appreciate how it impacts you, your family, your job, your finances and your future in the Pasadena area. That said, you can rest assured, knowing the professionals at Hurwitz Law Group, Inc. will be fighting tooth and nail for your case. Our policy towards misdemeanor cases stands as empathy for clients and animosity towards opponents, so count on us to protect your case.

Misdemeanor charges are serious matters that can potentially damage your life. When you work with Hurwitz Law Group, Inc., we attempt every possible solution for our Pasadena area clients, striving to break them free of such charges.

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Do not go through a misdemeanor case alone. Given the chance, prosecutors in Pasadena will tear you limb from limb ensuring their own rise through the ranks of their firm. Give us, Hurwitz Law Group, Inc., a call at (323) 310-9677 and make sure their happiness will not come at the cost of yours. 

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