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Los Angeles Indecent Exposure Attorney

Indecent Exposure Attorney Los Angeles

If you’re facing indecent exposure charges, talk to the attorneys at Hurwitz Law Group. We have cultivated a stellar track record with a very high rate of successful cases thanks to our commitment to protecting our clients’ rights in any situation. We understand the complexities of the California penal codes, so anyone in need of a Los Angeles indecent exposure lawyer should contact Hurwitz Law Group today to schedule a consultation.

California law defines “indecent exposure” as any willful public presentation of one’s naked person in any place where other people are present. Although this may sound somewhat harmless, the law states that people have the right to travel in public without being subject to nudity or provocative exposure from others. Public artistic performances sometimes fall under the protection of the First Amendment right to free speech, but these performances typically require approval from local administrators before artists may make public displays. A good rule of thumb for Californians is that any type of public nudity can lead to an indecent exposure charge.

California’s Indecent Exposure Laws

Under California Penal Code Section 314, anyone who violates California’s indecent exposure laws will face misdemeanor charges for a first-time offense. While this may not sound severe, multiple offenses lead to more serious penalties and felony charges. Under California’s three strikes law, multiple felony convictions, even for unrelated offenses, can lead to life imprisonment. Indecent exposure can include:

  • Flashing, or the intentional exposure of one’s private parts in public or in direct view of others, such as through an open storefront window or house window.
  • Knowingly allowing a home to remain in disrepair so the contents and residents of the home are visible to others.
  • Knowingly assisting another individual in exposing his or her private parts to members of the public.

The state also recognizes the rights of sexually oriented b

usinesses such as strip clubs, adult novelty stores, pornography filming and publication companies, and stores that sell pornography. California law requires these establishments obtain the necessary licensures for legal operation and follow the specific guidelines set forth by the California Constitution pertaining to such businesses.

Expungement a Lawyer

First-time indecent exposure offenses will result in up to six months in county jail and up to $1,000 in fines. A second offense will result in a felony conviction, incurring additional fines and longer imprisonment in a state prison. It’s also important to remember that anyone found guilty of indecent exposure must register on the California Sex Offender Registry for no less than 10 years.

Indecent Exposure Law Firm Los Angeles

California law clearly states indecent exposure is a willful act, and there are several possible defenses to a charge of indecent exposure. Mistaken identity is one of the most common and applies when the accused is innocent of the crime but was mistaken for the actual offender. The accused may also be able to prove he or she never engaged in any exposure or did not know that anyone could see the incident in question. For example, a couple observed having intercourse through an open window may not realize the people outside can see them and unknowingly engaged in indecent exposure.

The right attorney can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of an indecent exposure case. Hurwitz Law Group understands that many people mistakenly receive such charges and need reliable attorneys to help them avoid serious legal penalties. One of our attorneys will meet with you to review the details of your case and the charges against you and let you know how our firm can help. A good defense attorney can help a client in an indecent exposure case have the charges reduced or even dropped in cases of mistaken identity.

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