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When it comes to sex crime charges, the stakes couldn't be higher. Your reputation, relationships, and future are all at risk, so you need a team of experienced attorneys who understand precisely what's at stake for you.

At Hurwitz Law Group, we provide the aggressive representation required in these challenging circumstances and strive tirelessly for successful outcomes. 

Why Choose Hurwitz Law Group When You're Facing Sex Crime Charges

Why choose Hurwitz Law Group

At Hurwitz Law Group, our primary focus is on providing clients with unwavering advocacy and superior legal defense tailored to their individual situations, no matter how intricate or challenging the case may be.

Everyone deserves a fair chance when facing such serious allegations. We are committed to resolutely defending your rights throughout every step of the process while offering empathy, understanding, and support. Our primary goal is to act in your best interests and guarantee your voice is heard, no matter the situation.

Types of Sex Crimes in Los Angeles

Types of sex crimes

Sex crimes in Los Angeles cover a broad spectrum of offenses, each with its unique legal definition and penalties under California law. Understanding these different types of sex crimes is crucial to determining the best defense strategy for your case.

Rape -California Penal Code 261

In the state of California, rape is a serious crime that comes with grave consequences. It's defined as non-consensual sexual intercourse achieved through force, fear, or threats, and it can encompass spousal rape, date rape, and stranger rape. Most importantly, consent must be given freely without coercion or manipulation to be considered consensual sex. 

Those facing charges related to this horrific violation of trust and safety need an experienced attorney who will fight hard on their behalf immediately. Your lawyer can look at all the evidence against you and take control of your case's narrative to ensure your story is heard loud and clear, sometimes avoiding prison time altogether if conditions are favorable enough for both parties involved.

Every situation differs, so don't hesitate to contact legal representation when needed, no matter how daunting the task might seem now, because only then will you have a chance at achieving justice in court proceedings down the line.

Statutory Rape - California Penal Code 261.5

Statutory rape is a serious offense with long-term consequences, regardless of the age gap between the perpetrator and victim. In California, sexual intercourse with someone under 18 is illegal and considered a strict liability crime. This means that even if the accused was unaware of their partner's age, they could still be found guilty. Penalties for these crimes vary depending on how much older than 18 one party was. Still, they may include hefty fines, prison time as well as obligatory registration as a sex offender.

Given all this information and Romeo & Juliet laws, seeking legal counsel immediately upon being charged with statutory rape is essential. It's confusing territory to navigate alone, so having an experienced lawyer by your side can make all the difference when it comes down to facing justice for such an offense.

Lewd Conduct - California Penal Code 647(A)

Lewd behavior is a severe offense that can bring hefty consequences. Whether you're accused of conduct involving lewd acts or sexual battery, it's essential to take action quickly with the help of an experienced attorney. 

Engaging in and soliciting lewd acts in public spaces are considered 'lewd conduct.'

Sexual Battery - California Penal Code 243.4

Unwanted touching of another person's intimate parts for sexual gratification, arousal, or abuse is classified as 'sexual battery.' Both offenses have severe repercussions, including jail time, fines, and sex offender registration.

When faced with charges related to either type of offense, lewd conduct, or sexual battery, whether overlapping or not, it's important to contact an attorney immediately so they can guide you through your legal options while safeguarding your rights throughout the process. A conviction could make it difficult for you to find employment and housing opportunities afterward, which emphasizes how crucial timely intervention by a competent lawyer truly is.

Child Pornography - California Penal Code 311.11(a)

Child pornography charges are a grave matter with serious ramifications for those accused of such offenses. Possession, distribution, or production of sexually explicit materials featuring minors can lead to lengthy prison terms and hefty fines, not to mention mandatory sex offender registration.

Navigating the digital evidence related to these cases is particularly tricky in today's world, which is why it's so critical to have a seasoned attorney on your side. Convictions under this statute could be life-altering. You need someone who will fight hard on your behalf and do whatever they can to protect you from facing decades behind bars.

Solicitation of Prostitution - California Health and Safety Code 647(B)

Engaging in prostitution is an illegal activity that involves exchanging a sexual act for money, goods, or services. If convicted of solicitation of prostitution, the penalties can range from incarceration to fines and potential sex offender registration, depending on the individual case. 

Indecent Exposure - California Penal Code 314

Indecent exposure is showing one's genitals in public, intending to shock others or please oneself sexually. Punishments for such behavior include jail time, hefty fines, and possible sex offender registration.  

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender - California Penal Code 290(B)

Individuals found guilty of certain sexual offenses are legally obligated to register themselves as sex offenders according to California law. Failure to do so carries serious consequences, such as extra jail time, higher fines, and increased monitoring by authorities.

These are merely a handful of instances of the numerous crimes that fall under this category, and each is different. Each defendant is different, so contact an attorney who can review your case and defend you properly. 

Penalties for Sex Crimes in Los Angeles, CA

Penalties for sex crimes

Sex crime convictions in Los Angeles can carry serious repercussions, including extended jail sentences, hefty fines and fees, registering as a sex offender with mandatory reporting requirements, restraining orders placed against you, or potential deportation. The severity of these penalties varies based on the specific offense and circumstances surrounding your case. 

It's essential to understand what you may be facing if convicted of a sex-related charge.

Jail Time

The duration of your prison sentence will depend primarily on your particular offense and situation. Sentencing can range from months to years, sometimes even resulting in life imprisonment. This shows how imperative it is that experienced legal representation is present when dealing with such charges.  

Your attorney may be able to negotiate house arrest instead or reach a plea deal that avoids any time behind bars altogether; however, this all depends upon individual factors explicitly related to your case at hand. 



The financial penalties associated with a sex crime conviction can be incredibly hefty, and the amount of fine will depend on how severe the offense is. This, in addition to other costs like court fees, counseling sessions, rehabilitation classes, and any restitution that may be required, can make it difficult to rebuild after serving your sentence.

When facing these charges, you need an attorney who understands all potential financial repercussions so they can prepare you adequately. 

Sex Offender Registration

It's possible that if convicted of a sexual offense, you'll have no choice but to register as a sex offender. This comes with far-reaching consequences, such as public disclosure of personal information, residency restrictions, and control regulations for ongoing reporting requirements. These implications could upend someone's life by making employment opportunities scarce or forcing them out of their home due to residential limitations. Also, having this label attached could damage your personal and professional relationships.

Restraining Orders

Restraining orders

For victims of sexual assault, a restraining order can provide an extra layer of safety. Not only do they limit contact between the abuser and the victim, but violating one could result in serious criminal penalties. When understanding your rights under these orders and what might happen if you don't follow them, consulting with a lawyer is key.

Some restraining orders are temporary, but other types of restraining orders could be permanent. Work with our team to make sure you understand them.

Immigration Consequences

It's also important to be aware that certain sex crimes may have immigration consequences for non-citizens. Deportation or exclusion from reentering America are just some possibilities here. As such, seeking legal counsel is even more essential if this applies to you. We understand that this can also profoundly impact your family, and we will help you fight for your rights.

Sex Offender Registration in the State of California

Sex offender registration

In California specifically, any person convicted of specific sex offenses must register as a sex offender on California Megan's Law website, meaning detailed personal information will be made public (including name, photo, and address). The duration of registration depends heavily on individual circumstances.

While some must remain registered for life, others may only need to do so for shorter periods. But navigating all this can still prove difficult without guidance from someone familiar with these laws. Rely on our legal experts to help you navigate this situation.

Contact Our Los Angeles Sex Crime Lawyers at Hurwitz Law Group for an Initial Consultation

Contact our sex crime lawyers

If you or someone close to you is facing sex crime charges, getting legal representation as soon as possible is vital. At Hurwitz Law Group, our understanding and competent attorneys will listen carefully to your story before making a plan of action that works in your favor. Even if the facts seem stacked against you, we use our expertise in law so that all odds are on your side.

Reach out today for an initial consultation with us and find out the options for defending yourself against these serious allegations. 

Sex Crimes Charges FAQs

Navigating the implications of being charged with a sex crime can be confusing and overwhelming, especially when there's uncertainty around potential punishments or long-term effects from conviction.

To help shed some light on this delicate matter, here are answers to some commonly asked questions about California sex crime laws. It's crucial to keep in mind that each case is unique. Consulting with an experienced lawyer offers the best chance to explore all viable options regarding your specific situation.

What if I've Been Falsely Accused of a Sex Crime?

Being wrongfully accused of a sex crime can have far-reaching and devastating consequences on your life, personally and professionally. You must work with an experienced lawyer who can conduct an in-depth investigation into the allegations against you, collect evidence to back up your defense, and fight hard for your rights.

At Hurwitz Law Group, we understand how important it is to protect your reputation, so we'll leave no stone unturned when uncovering any inconsistencies in the accuser's story or locating alternative explanations for evidence presented against you.

What Is the Sentence for First-Time Sex Offenders in California?

Sentencing for first-time sex offenders in California will depend heavily on many factors, such as what offense was committed, whether force or threats were used during the incident, and if there are any prior criminal convictions related to the defendant. The victim's age may also play a role in determining punishment; however, even without these considerations, jail time could be given depending on the severity of the offense committed.

A proficient attorney will be able to assess all potential sentencing outcomes based on their knowledge of existing laws within this area. They can advise clients accordingly throughout proceedings, especially when advocating an alternative sentence such as therapy or counseling programs instead of traditional court penalties like probationary sentences and fines.

At Hurwitz Law Group, our dedicated team has extensive experience providing customized legal solutions that consider each client's circumstances, allowing us to strive towards achieving the maximum results possible with minimal consequences endured by defendants.

Can You Expunge a Sex Offender Charge in California?

In California, it may be possible to erase the permanent mark of a sex offense conviction from your criminal record through expungement. With this process, many individuals can rest assured that they will no longer face long-term consequences due to their past convictions. However, certain serious offenses, such as those involving minors or requiring lifetime registration, are not eligible for expungement and must seek other forms of post-conviction relief.

The Hurwitz Law Group is devoted to helping people charged with sex crimes fight for their rights and protect their futures. Our experienced attorneys understand the lasting impact these charges can have on an individual's life. We are committed to providing comprehensive legal services tailored specifically for each case we take. We offer initial consultations so you can discuss your situation in detail before moving forward in any capacity.

If you or someone close has been accused of a sexual offense, don't hesitate to contact us today! Let us help you navigate this difficult terrain so that together we may work towards achieving the best outcome available for your particular circumstances.

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