Los Angeles Prostitution Lawyer

Los Angeles Prostitution Lawyer

The constitution protects the people’s right to privacy. This protection extends to the way citizens conduct their daily lives. And a violation of this right results in a legal claim. However, this right is not absolute since the law prohibits acts that, although done privately, damages society because of being immoral. Prostitution is an immoral act that the law prohibits. Any form of prostitution, whether you are the one paying, soliciting, or being paid for a sexual act, the law forbids.

A person is a sex offender if they are involved in these acts. California law explicitly provides the acts where you may be found liable as a sex offender. Since immoral sexual conduct damages public morals, these offenders need to regain their moral compass and reintegrate into society as productive members.

There may be cases when persons are wrongfully accused of engaging in prostitution. False allegations may diminish the reputation of persons, which we aim to safeguard at Hurwitz Law Group. A Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney will protect your rights and prove your defenses. It is a defense attorney’s job to ensure the removal of prostitution conviction from your criminal records if you are proved innocent.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer is what you need not only to protect your rights but also to clear your name from the general public. Contact Hurwitz Law Group now for a free consultation regarding your prostitution charge.

Prostitution Laws in Los Angeles, California

California law enumerates persons who are guilty of disorderly conduct or misdemeanor. Prostitution is defined under the California Penal Code as “any lewd acts between persons for money or other consideration.” Prostitution is different from the crime of Pimping. This crime is committed when a person acts as an intermediary for someone who wishes to engage in prostitution.

 Section 647, paragraph (b) of the California Penal Code provides that an individual who solicits or engages in any act of prostitution with the intent to receive money, compensation, or anything of value from another person, is engaged in prostitution.

Engaging in the Act Prostitution in California

Engaging in prostitution is a violation of the law. This involves paying money, compensation, or anything of value in exchange for sexual intercourse. For example, suppose a certain John Doe who seeks sexual gratification pays a woman money to have sex with him. In that case, that is engaging in prostitution.

Soliciting an Act of Prostitution in California

Soliciting prostitution is punishable by law. A person encouraging or forcing someone to have sex with another as a prostitute and be paid money, compensation, or anything of value solicits an act of prostitution. The one soliciting can be a third person or the one asking to be paid in exchange for sex. For example, suppose John Doe is looking around asking other people to have sex with him in exchange for payment of money. In that case, that mere act is already soliciting an act of prostitution. It is thus punishable under California Penal Code.

Agreeing to Engage in the Act of Prostitution

A person who agrees to receive money, compensation, or anything of value in exchange for sexual conduct is also guilty of prostitution. To be considered prostitution, there has to be consent to engage in sexual conduct or other lewd acts from the person receiving the money or other forms of compensation. John Doe now finds a woman who receives the money from John Doe and decides to have sexual intercourse with him. That in itself constitutes agreeing to engage in the act of prostitution. The woman who received the money and agreed to engage in sexual conduct has committed the misdemeanor act of agreeing to engage in the act of prostitution.

To simplify, if you agree to receive money in exchange for sexual conduct, you are guilty of prostitution. The person encouraging another person to engage in sexual acts with another and the person agreeing to do so are also guilty of prostitution.

Heftier penalties await those who solicit or engage the services of minors or those under 18 years of age. This crime involves moral turpitude, which disables those guilty of prostitution to manage their property and exercise parental authority.

Legal Penalties for Prostitution in Los Angeles

Conviction because of misdemeanor warrants severe penalties. These penalties range from fines to jail time, based on the criminal court’s ruling. The frequency of conviction of the defendant will also be the basis for the severity of criminal penalties. The following are the possible penalties for prostitution:

  1. For the first prostitution offense: A minimum jail sentence of up to six months a Los Angeles county jail and a fine of up to $1,000;
  2. For the subsequent prostitution conviction: Total jail time of 45 days to 90 days (mandatory).

There are other instances when there could be additional penalties when found guilty of prostitution. When the person accused is caught in the act of soliciting, engaging, or agreeing to engage in prostitution inside a vehicle owned by the defendant, then the vehicle could be confiscated and the person’s driver’s license suspended.

There are also other prostitution-related crimes that people should be aware of to prevent themselves from being victims of such acts. Citizens should know that they also have the responsibility of clearing their names and have the impression of being morally upright members of society. These penalties serve as a deterrent for law violators that corrupt public morals.

To learn more about the provisions of law relating to prostitution, you may contact the Hurwitz Law Group and inquire about how we can help you or someone you know who is charged with a sex crime or other prostitution-related crime.

Common Defenses Against Prostitution Charges

One can avoid prostitution conviction by sufficiently alleging legal defenses in court. It is important to remember the elements of prostitution, such as the act of engaging, soliciting, or agreeing to engage coupled with the payment of money, compensation, or anything of value. While a person may agree to engage in sexual conduct with another, this does not always mean there is prostitution.

The following are some of the legal defenses that a person accused of prostitution may allege:

  1. Insufficient evidence. There is reasonable doubt on the guilt of the defendant in committing prostitution;
  2. The money paid was merely for the financial support of the other person. And that the sexual act is merely incidental;
  3. The defendant engaged the person’s services in a massage parlor that operates legally.

A person charged may allege other defenses during the criminal proceedings. Consult a criminal defense lawyer to know more about how you can defend your rights.

Collateral Consequences of Prostitution Charges in Los Angeles

One may escape hefty fines, jail time, and other severe penalties. However, the possibility of being punished does not end there. There are consequences of just being merely charged with a sex crime. Being labeled as a sex offender poses more disadvantages and can create instability in one’s life or career.

Thus, there are collateral consequences when being charged in a prostitution case. When proven guilty of prostitution, this can take many opportunities from you, which could dramatically change your life forever.

As for your criminal record, there exists a label on your name as a sex offender. Being guilty of a sex crime affects your reputation, detrimental to your work or academic life. It is less likely for you to be accepted in a workplace of your choice. There is also less probability of admission to your dream university.

Despite having insufficient evidence to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, the community and others who may not know you could already have a presumption of your guilt. Being charged with a sex crime is never easy, and it takes effort for that person to clear his name and live an honorable life in the eyes of others.

Pieces of Evidence That Can Be Used Against You

When facing criminal charges for prostitution, it is important to know the evidence that will be used to establish your guilt. It is not enough that there was sexual intercourse or lewd conduct. Prostitution or solicitation requires that the accused exchange money for sexual intercourse without which the other person would not have agreed.

The exchange of money inside a motel could establish the specific intent of agreeing to engage in prostitution. They can do money exchange inside the private residence or vehicle of the accused. An experienced Los Angeles prostitution attorney will help you dispute the pieces of evidence used against you. Call us at Hurwitz Law Group to know more about your legal options.

Choosing Hurwitz Law Group for Your Prostitution Charges Is Your Best Choice

Hurwitz Law Group is a criminal defense law firm experienced in defending the rights of people wrongfully charged and detained in the Los Angeles County Jail. Other clients that we represent are those whose rights are violated during their criminal proceedings. Hurwitz law office is based in Los Angeles, California where we practice law and cater to clients under the jurisdiction of the California Penal Code.

Knowledge of the law is vital towards arriving at favorable decisions in prostitution cases. Here are the reasons why Hurwitz Law Group is the law firm for you:

  • We will allow you to explore all your legal options. Our team of prostitution lawyers does not think on just one side of the coin. We pick other coins and deliberate on their sides.
  • Our knowledge of the California Penal Code guarantees our clients that their cases are well handled. The provisions of the law could be complex for some people, so we simplify the law for better understanding for our clients.
  • Our experience in handling criminal cases and defending our clients’ rights enabled us to attain favorable results. We’ve cleared innocent persons of their criminal record and started over in life better than they used to.
  • We practice law based on legal ethics. We do not discriminate on who could be our clients. We strongly believe that everyone should uphold the constitutional rights of all persons.
  • Our criminal defense lawyers provide free consultation for our clients. We look at the merits of your prostitution case first and tell you straightforward the probability of achieving different results.

Contact an experienced Los Angeles prostitution lawyer from Hurwitz Law Group now! There is no perfect time to defend your rights than now.

Facing Prostitution Charges in Los Angeles? Talk to Our Los Angeles Prostitution Attorney ASAP

Our Los Angeles prostitution attorneys will help you go through the legal processes. Our Los Angeles prostitution lawyers will assist you in gathering evidence. We will represent you in criminal court and bring you the justice you deserve. If you have been charged with prostitution in Los Angeles, give us a call. We’ll make sure that you will fully understand your case and how you can assert your rights.

A prostitution charge is not a prostitution conviction. There are still processes to follow that people charged with crimes should know. Contact us now for a free consultation at (323)287-9849 and receive the legal advice you need. Our criminal defense attorneys will answer all your questions about your case. And we’ll make sure that you are fully informed.

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