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Criminal Defense Private Investigator

Hurwitz Law Group is your trial witness and document exhibit solution. Working closely with attorneys, our private investigators are leading the industry in criminal defense formulation, evidence collection and preparation, and trial presentation. We have access to other special assignments and forensic sciences.

Our detective agency also performs Crime Scene Analysis and Reconstructive Investigations.

Bear in mind that the traditional steps of records retrieval and witness interviewing remains the cornerstone of any private investigation and forms the backbone of the criminal justice process despite what you might see on television.

Records Retrieval and Recorded Witness Interviews
The versatility of private investigator and detective services is so broad that listing them all would be daunting. But here we will attempt to address generally the applications private investigators are commonly called to perform:

Defending Criminal Charges

DON’T PLEAD GUILTY WITHOUT INVESTIGATING THE FACTS FIRST. It’s a well-settled fact that when defending the Government against charges brought against you, you need assistance in the collection of evidence to use in your own defense. Often times we find ourselves incarcerated so we cannot gather the evidence ourselves. Our services include the collection of police reports and the interviews of witnesses to secure the evidence needed to show innocence or to place doubt in the mind of the trier of fact, the jury. We all know full well that prosecutors and law enforcement do their best to keep defendant friendly evidence, known as “exculpatory evidence” from you. Despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s instructions requiring the disclosure of exculpatory evidence, the system has found loopholes to avoid fulfilling this requirement. We know most if not all of their tricks.

Sustainable knowledge of litigation

When legal matters become ongoing, having an attorney by your side in the courtroom can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. For your criminal defense needs, I am ready and willing to stand up and fight for you. Legal obstacles can come along at any given time, with some of them being planned and at other times unexpectedly. When you find yourself going through a difficult legal matter, you need my help.

As a criminal defense attorney, I have collected much understanding and insight in a range of matters that can help you as you work your way toward the most desirable outcome in your case. We can work together to find the best solution to your legal situation.

If you have ever been arrested in Los Angeles, it might be tempting to follow what family or even law enforcement has to say about what you should do. But every case is different, and your freedom and record should not be left to guess what will happen next. Instead, having the best defense is having an experienced and qualified Los Angeles criminal defense attorney like Brian Hurwitz by your side step by step. Brian Hurwitz will explain the whole process in your case and what your best options are. He will help you understand what you can expect when you return back to your normal life.

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