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Federal criminal cases are any cases that violate the United State’s established federal law. Federal cases usually involve several agencies. The most notable agency engaged in a federal case is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Federal crimes have heavier jurisdictions than state crimes. Contact our federal criminal defense lawyer if you received a notification from the federal court.

Don’t wait until the last minute to call a federal criminal lawyer.

Even the best lawyer might have a hard time defending your federal criminal case if you acted hesitantly. A federal investigation may take up to several months. This gives you and your lawyer ample time to prepare for your case.


The United States takes a federal offense very seriously. Because of this, the country provides heavy punishments for federal offenders. If you face federal criminal charges, you might think that it’s the end of the world. But, hiring an experienced federal criminal defense attorney can turn your situation for the better. At Hurwitz Law, our highly experienced federal defense attorney has many years of experience standing up against federal prosecutors.

Our defense attorney successfully defended many clients facing federal charges. Hurwitz Law clients are left satisfied with the quality of service and the outcome we provide.

Facing these charges alone can be challenging. But, with the help of the right lawyer, you can rest assured that your case is good as done.


Hurwitz Law legal team takes care of your case seriously. We value our clients and build a solid attorney-client relationship with them. We assure our clients that they will get the best outcome possible in every case we handle.

Because of this, we built a strong connection with our former clients. Our outstanding record of client testimonials proves just how much we dedicate our service to our clients. At Hurwitz Law, we aim to provide quality service and deliver results.



The Federal Bureau of investigations’ website lists the crimes that violate federal laws. Our legal firm offers representation to these federal crimes.

The list above shows some of the criminal charges our law firm handles. You should consult our expert federal criminal defense attorney to determine if you violate the established federal law.

Our federal defense attorney conducts a thorough case investigation. We look at every possible angle to formulate the best defense strategy for your case.


By the most basic definition, federal crimes are criminal acts that violate the established federal law. Title 18 of the United States Code specifies these crimes.

Though State crimes and Federal crimes differ on many levels, a federal crime would require prosecution in both levels. If you face charges for a federal crime, you will be tried in your state and United States courts.

The following bodies are responsible for investigating federal-related cases:

  • The FBI;
  • Drug Enforcement Agency;
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives;
  • United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement;
  • Internal Revenue Service.

Federal crimes cover a vast number of criminal acts. This includes mail fraud up to drug crimes. These crimes can be hard to overcome, but an assertive defense lawyer can make a significant difference.



As established above, Federal crimes carry a heavy punishment for the offender. Since the accused person is considered a violator of the country’s law, the federal court will be aggressive with the consequences.

Most convicted individuals serve years-long imprisonment. Federal courts often punish criminals by serving a life sentence or life-long imprisonment. In some cases, the law may even punish the criminal with death. This type of punishment is reserved for grave federal offenses.

If you are wrongfully accused of federal criminal charges, you may suffer from these consequences. As a citizen of the law, you have the right to prove your innocence. This is why hiring an experienced Los Angeles federal criminal defense attorney is crucial.


Title 18 of the United States Code 3553 states that a federal judge must provide sentencing ranges accordingly. Federal judges must look at the severity of the crime and the defendant’s criminal history.

A federal judge must use this information as a basis for the defendant’s sentence. If a judge decides to go against this regulation, they must explain their decision rationally.

The guideline provided utilizes a point system. This allows the judge to form objective decisions based on the presented facts.


The federal court system established mandatory minimum sentencing for several crimes. This means that if you are found guilty of these crimes, the law will require you to carry specific punishments.

Mandatory Minimum Sentencing is commonly found in drug crimes. For example, a convicted criminal is found possessing a 1-kilogram of Heroin has the minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years.

The United States published a guideline for minimum mandatory sentences in the federal court system. The author explains the mandatory minimum sentence for each federal crime in this published work.



As mentioned previously, federal crimes and state crimes differ significantly. Federal criminals are tried in a federal court, while state criminals are tried in a state court.

But, how exactly do a federal court and a state court differ from each other?

A state court has a more general scope, handling many cases than a federal court. The established law governs the state court. It also has a state-specific constitution. And each state has different punishments and statutes for each crime.

A federal court handles a more specific category of cases. The federal law functions according to the nation’s law and follows the nation’s established constitution. Crimes violating both state and federal laws are tried in federal court.

A federal court has a higher authority than a state court. This is why the federal court handles the most severe crimes and bestows intense punishment.


Though federal charges may seem terrifying, there are some proven defenses against these accusations. Most defendants use the following defenses:

  • Lack of understanding of his actions. A defendant who is either intoxicated or mentally incapable doesn’t understand the consequences of their actions. An element of a federal crime requires the defendant to fully comprehend his actions and their consequences.
  • Justifiable actions. A defendant may argue that he acted out of defense. In another scenario, an individual may justify that he worked out of threat. Both these actions justify the actions committed by the defendant.
  • Consented. A defendant may argue that the victim agreed to the actions he committed. For example, a defendant accused of rape may say that he received consent from the victim; therefore, no crime is committed.

These are canned defenses usually used in a federal crime. An effective defense would be personalized and specific.

This is why if you are accused of a federal offense, you should consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.


Federal criminal cases offer a heavier punishment than state crimes. Hiring a lawyer successful in criminal defense representation may change your situation.

Our experienced attorney at Hurwitz Law received many recognitions for his successful client representation. The following awards are given to our Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer:

  • Super Lawyer Rising Star 4 years in a row and counting (2018- Present)
  • National Trial Lawyers (2017- Present)
  • AVVO Client Choice Award
  • Lead Counsel Verified
  • Martindale-Hubbell Rated

Brian Hurwitz is an experienced professional with many successful representations. His extensive knowledge of federal criminal laws helped many clients avoid severe punishments.

Our law firm offers a free initial consultation. We will carefully check your case and provide the best legal advice. We’ll take you through the process and explain every course of action thoroughly.


How much does a federal crimes attorney cost?

The cost of federal crimes attorney varied from each law firm. This is because a lawyer’s fee will depend on the severity of your charges.

Several factors are considered before a lawyer can provide an exact amount. He will need to check the severity of your case and how hard it is to gather solid evidence. These are just some factors considered by most lawyers.

What happens when you are charged with a federal crime?

The legal process of a federal system goes as follows:

  • The defendant will be prosecuted by the Criminal Divisions of the United States;
  • Depending on the crime’s nature, the defendant will be charged by a specific section of the Criminal Division;
  • The beginning of the trial starts with selecting the qualified panel of jury;
  • The nation’s attorney will initiate the argument. Both parties will then present evidence before the court;
  • After the closing argument, the jury will decide the verdict of the defendant;
  • If found guilty, the defendant will undergo sentencing.

How do I find an excellent federal lawyer?

All federal criminal lawyers are trained to defend their clients in a federal crime. But, finding a great defense attorney changes everything.

If you are looking for an esteemed criminal defense attorney, consider the following:

  • Years of experience in criminal defense;
  • Number of successful client representation;
  • Awards and recognitions received by the attorney;
  • Positive and negative client testimonials;
  • Quality of service provided by the law firm’s legal team.

Remember, all attorneys can defend you, but not all can succeed. This is why choosing a renowned Los Angeles federal crimes attorney is crucial. An experienced Los Angeles federal crimes attorney assures the quality of service and delivery of results.

Should I take a plea bargain?

A plea bargain is when the defendant agrees to plead guilty with much lesser charges. Though this path seems the easiest way to diffuse your crime, it is not always advisable.

  • If you are a licensed professional, pleading guilty may cost you your license;
  • Immigrants may be deported if they plead guilty to any crimes.

It is best to consult your attorney for the best advice. They can help you make rational decisions based on your case.

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