Will I lose my medical license if I’m charged with Domestic Violence in California?

… An emergency room teeming with patients who all need your attention NOW.
… The death of a pediatric patient and the subsequent meeting with the parents you hoped would never be.
… An Intensive Care Unit filled with patients who could die at any time in the middle of your double shift. By the way, for a Los Angeles criminal lawyer, check out our dedicate page here.

Being a medical doctor, no matter where you practice or the type of medicine you practice, can be amazingly stressful. Though our doctors are the professionals with whom we entrust our lives, oftentimes, we think of them more as individuals who went into their field because they could handle whatever health crises came their way, with super human emotional strength and medical expertise. It is important to remember that doctors are in fact people, just as human as those they treat day in and day out. They may be the best of the best, but anger, frustration and impulse control are issues all of us deal with, medical degrees and skill sets notwithstanding.

Domestic Abuse Defined

Domestic abuse, also referred to as domestic violence (DV) is defined by California law, as violence or harm that occurs between individuals who are legally married, live together, have lived together, or share offspring. Under the law, domestic violence also covers any acts of aggression between siblings, parents, children, and people with whom you live. The law stresses that intent is one of the defining factors of domestic abuse. For example, it is not considered abuse should you slap someone unintentionally as you grab for something on a high shelf. Slapping them with what you grabbed intentionally however, is in fact, abuse. In short, DV describes damages that are willfully inflicted upon a victim with whom you live or have lived, in which bodily harm results.

Will I Lose my Medical License Because of a DV arrest in Los Angeles?

According to Business and Professions Code Section 2236, convictions of any type of crime, whether a felony or misdemeanor, are subject to disciplinary action by the Medical Board of California. However when it comes to domestic abuse, an arrest may not warrant such action.

A very important point to consider is that hiring a diligent law firm such as the Hurwitz Law Group, Inc could eliminate the concern of disciplinary action by the medical board by combatting charges before they are even filed. The Hurwitz Law Group, Inc has been able to intervene on behalf of its clients by preventing charges from being filed by law enforcement officers—thus preventing the charges from reaching the prosecution altogether. Once the charges are filed, of course, it is completely up to the prosecutor as to how the proceed—and the word of your spouse of partner will have little weight on this decision.

If charges are filed, and the prosecution does carry out a case against you, it must be determined, according to California State Law if an arrest should lead to the revocation of a doctor’s license. It will be taken under consideration as to whether the behavior for which the accused was arrested for significantly relates to their duties and qualifications as a medical doctor. Because there are so many nuanced particulars involved in determining what happened and what should happen, it is vital that you work with a skilled domestic violence attorney who will vigorously analyze the issues involved in the arrest, and how to protect yourself and the medical license you worked so hard to attain.

What Can I do If I have been Arrested for Domestic Violence in LA?

If you have been arrested for domestic violence, it is critical that you secure an attorney who will fight for you, and provide you with legal support that results in the best of possible outcomes. This is why The Hurwitz Law Group, Inc is the advocate you need in your corner. With a targeted concentration in cases like this, you are guaranteed to receive devoted representation and counsel you can trust. If you are a medical doctor and have been arrested or accused of domestic violence in the Los Angeles area, you are urged to contact The Hurwitz Law Group, Inc today.

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