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May 15th 2024

What is DUID? If you’re taken into custody and charged with DUI (driving under the influence) in or near Los Angeles, a Los Angeles DUI attorney will examine the details of your case, […]

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April 01st 2024

Do You Need to Obtain a Restraining Order? A restraining order can provide quick legal protection, but there are several types of restraining orders. Understanding and obtaining a restraining order can be complicated […]

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March 14th 2024

How Are Sentences Determined in Criminal Cases in California? How do judges determine sentences for convicted offenders in the State of California? If you are convicted of a crime in Southern California, you […]

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February 21st 2024

What is the Three Strikes Law? If you’re charged with a “violent” or “serious” felony in the Los Angeles area or anywhere in Southern California, you must contact a Los Angeles criminal defense […]

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January 18th 2024

What is a Restraining Order? A restraining or protective order is a court-issued mandate that can protect a person from being physically or sexually abused, threatened, stalked, or harassed. The order may extend […]

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December 14th 2023

Is Marijuana Illegal in California? California has always been a forward-thinking state. California led the pack when it came to medical marijuana. California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana, making it […]

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October 29th 2023

What Exactly is a Plea Bargain? A plea bargain, often called a plea deal or plea agreement, is a legal process involving the defendant, the defending attorney, the prosecuting attorney, and a judge. […]

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May 24th 2023

We often see the terms escorting and prostitution used incorrectly interchangeably. Not everyone understands that they have differences. In this article, we will examine the difference between escorting and prostitution. And if you […]

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May 23rd 2023

At Hurwitz Law Group, we recognize that incarceration can significantly affect a person emotionally and financially. That's why we strive to help you keep your finances in order while you're away from home. […]

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February 27th 2023

Being charged with child endangerment is a parent's nightmare. It can also cause severe damage to your reputation and finances. All these from a mistake? An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you […]

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