How Much does Expungement Cost in Los Angeles?

When a person has their record expunged, their record will no longer indicate that they have been found guilty of charges. After a person successfully completes the terms of probation, they may be eligible to have their record expunged—meaning they will no longer be considered a felon. Having your record expunged in Los Angeles comes with many benefits, including the ability to tell prospective employers that you are not a felon—which will expand your career opportunities.

How much does it cost in California to have your record expunged?

To have your record expunged in the state of California, you may have to pay a filing fee. Note that some counties in California do not have a filing fee. This is important to know because many expungement lawyers charge exorbitant rates for their expungement services claiming the filing fees are included. You may not have to pay a filing fee depending on the county you are filing in, however.

When you start assessing how much it is going to cost you to have your record expunged, you will need to first determine the counties in which you received your charges. If you were convicted of charges in different counties, then you will have to apply for an expungement in each county. As you can imagine, the filing fees may add up and become quite expensive.

What is the process of having your record expunged?

To begin the process of having your record expunged, you will first need to identify all of your charges and convictions. It is your responsibility to petition to the court the exact charges and convictions that you want to have removed from your record. This is why it is of the utmost value to have a practiced expungement attorney handle the process for you. Instead of you having to acquire all the proper documentation and information, your lawyer can get it for you, allowing you to rest assured the expungement process is being handled effectively.

Is it possible to have the expungement filing fee waived?

Another important aspect to note about filing for an expungement is that you may qualify for a filing fee waiver; this is especially beneficial if you are filing in more than one county that has a filing fee. To qualify for a filing fee waiver, you will need to submit your income information. When a filing fee waiver is granted, the court will waive the fee and you will not be responsible for paying it.

If you have further questions about having your criminal record expunged in Los Angeles, please don’t hesitate to contact Hurwitz Law Group, Inc today.

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