DUI in California: Am I going to lose my real estate license?

Real Estate is not just about selling properties that make the dreams of families come true. Although helping families and individuals find the perfect homes is quite the morale booster for all involved, there is a lot of dealmaking, negotiating, connecting to clients meaningfully, and socializing that goes on as well. As realtors keep the needs and wants of sellers, buyers, banks, and loan officers in mind, there are a lot of pieces to the process a real estate agent goes through for every deal. [For a great read, check out our article, Consequences for DUI Under 21! here].

However, making deals, securing sales, and establishing a good name for yourself in the community and industry is not only about the property you wish to sell. You need to be a people person and a rapport builder. Many times, building those relationships happens over good food and good wine.

What happens when you have wined and dined too much before getting behind the wheel of a car? More importantly, what happens to your real estate license if you are charged with driving under the influence?

A real estate license regulated and monitored by the California Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) is awarded to professionals who have demonstrated competence in their ability to sell property. Under California State Law, however, a real estate license can be revoked if you’re convicted of particular types of criminal activity such as felonies that are sufficiently related to your ability to do your job. The law seems to very purposefully demarcate the law broadly, as almost anything could be considered “sufficiently related” by the BRE.

You may be wondering how a DUI charge could impact your duties as a real estate agent, especially if you are not generally driving clients from house to house. If the BRE interprets your DUI conviction in a way that this wasn’t just a one-time poor choice, but that you have a serious, ongoing problem, you may be facing serious consequences such as license revocation. While a single DUI conviction may not prove that you have a habitual substance abuse problem, multiple convictions can certainly paint that type of picture.

While the California Bureau of Real Estate cannot rescind your license if you are arrested for a DUI, a conviction has the potential to lead to revocation. If you are found guilty of driving while under the influence, this will be reported to the Department of Justice (DOJ), who will then notify the California BRE.

Why does the Department of Justice get involved? Your fingerprints will already be on file from when you received your real estate license. The system is set up to maintain checks and balances in order to protect the public from wayward real estate agents.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence and are concerned about how it may impact your ability to maintain your real estate license, contact The Hurwitz Law Group, Inc. The firm focuses in representing clients facing DUI charges that threaten their real estate license or even the existence of their agency. Hurwitz Law Group, Inc will aggressively defend you while also working to protect your integrity. We understand the impact a DUI charge may have on your professional trajectory. Contact our DUI Attorney today for a free consultation so that we can begin working to protect your license as soon as possible.

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