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Los Angeles, CA is a Sport’s Powerhouse

Thrilling Sports Activities in Los Angele’s CA

LA is the capital of sports, and we have stadiums for every major sport in the country. With a wide array of arenas in Los Angeles, you will be sure to meet thrilling sports events throughout the seasons. Whether you are a football fan, a basketball enthusiast or a baseball lover, the city features the following stadiums and arenas for you to visit. Information can be found here.

Staples Center

No matter what night of the week it is, chances are, something big is happening at Staples Center. The arena in Downtown Los Angeles is one of the busiest venues in town, hosting over 250 events each year including basketball, hockey, and arena football games, plus multiple concerts and televised shows, like the GRAMMY Awards. The men and women’s basketball events will be held here during the 2028 Summer Olympics, as well. Learn more about Outdoor Recreation in Los Angeles, CA.

Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl is one of the oldest, biggest and most beloved arenas in Los Angeles and the United States. It has even garnered the unofficial nickname of “America’s Stadium”, and people recognize it as a National Historic Landmark. The Rose Bowl got its name from the Tournament of Roses NCAA football game it hosts annually on New Year’s Day. The game, and the Rose Parade that precedes it, have been a national attraction for almost 100 years.