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Restraining Order Attorney in Los Angeles

A restraining order is often issued to provide a victim with protection from their harasser or

abuser. An individual who is served a restraining order must abide by the conditions stipulated

within the order. Violation of the order can result in criminal charges and, if convicted, hefty

fines and jail time. In many cases, a restraining order can cause a significant amount of hardship

for the individual it was filed against, as well as lead to a loss of certain rights. If you have been

served with a restraining order or have violated an existing restraining order, you can contact

Hurwitz Law Group, Inc for legal assistance.

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Restraining Order

In the state of California, an individual will often be served with a temporary restraining order

and given a period of 10 to 20 days to contest the allegations made against them. The petitioner

will be granted a hearing after which the restraining order may be made permanent. You will not

be able to have the restraining order against you lifted once it has become permanent. It is crucial

to contact a criminal defense attorney right away if you believe the restraining order to be unfair

or unwarranted. Many times, a former spouse or significant other may make unfounded

accusations against an individual to prevent them from being able to spend time with their

children out of revenge. You should not lose the right to see your children or choose where you

live due to a restraining order filed on false pretenses. Our team of lawyers will help you defend

yourself against the allegations being made.

Violation of Restraining Order

If you have been served with a restraining order, it is important to ensure you familiarize

yourself with the conditions it stipulates. Typically, you will be barred from contacting or

coming within a specified distance of the petitioner. Intentional violation of a restraining order

can lead to a misdemeanor or felony conviction. Whether or not the allegations leading to the

restraining order are true, you must respect the conditions of the order at all times.


You may face undue hardship in your day to day life due to a restraining order. It may be

necessary to avoid certain routes that may take you past the petitioner’s home or place of work or

you may encounter problems when accidentally violating the order. In some cases, it may be

entirely impossible to comply with the conditions of a restraining order. Our criminal defense

attorneys can assist you in exploring the legal options available to you to ensure that you are not

wrongfully convicted of violating a restraining order.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

There is a misconception that only the guilty require a lawyer. Many times, good people can find

themselves in a bad situation due to a misunderstanding or a false accusation. Hurwitz Law Group, Inc provides individuals who have been charged with a crime in Los Angeles with reliable,

professional legal representation.

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