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When a restraining order is put in place, the order is court-enforced, and ignoring it results in a misdemeanor charge or contempt of court. Each violation is considered a new offense and is consequently considered by the court when the charges are brought up. The consequences of repeat offenses stack up, and the end results include the possibility of an abuser facing felony charges. However, this requires the placement of a restraining order, to begin with—so that the court is able to do its best to help the victim in the first place. If you need help a Los Angeles Repeat Violence Restraining Order Attorney who has experience with violence restraining orders, Hurwitz Law Group is here; contact us today.

RepeatViolence Restraining Order Law Firm Los Angeles

Repeat violence in violation of restraining order results in very serious consequences for the aggressor. When the restraining order is ignored multiple times, the court reclassifies the charge from a misdemeanor to a felony. California works on a three strikes system where each felony conviction leads to greater punishment. Second offense felons face a doubled prison sentence and a third conviction sentence can potentially result in 25 years to life in prison.

The law is on the victim’s side and the protection of the court is enforced throughout the United States of America. If a person relocates as part of a plan to keep them safe from an abuser, the constitution and the federal government are committed to enforcing a protection order in any state.

File a Restraining Order in Los Angeles, California

Facing domestic violence is a gravely dangerous issue, which is amplified when the act is repeated. Do not leave yourself undefended and make sure that instances of violence in your household are accounted for. The Hurwitz Law Group, Inc focuses on repeat violence restraining orders in Los Angeles and surrounding California areas. If you are in need of legal defense against repeat violence then you’ll need the expertise of a practiced restraining order lawyer. Call today for a free consultation.

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