Domestic Violence Restraining Order Attorney in Los Angeles

In the state of California the law works to prevent violence in familial and intimate relationships. The state identifies domestic violence as a criminal act involving:

  • Spouse or former spouse
  • Cohabitant or former cohabitant
  • Parents who share a child
  • Partners in a dating relationship
  • Family members
  • Child abuse

The circumstances of the case play a heavy role in the matter as well. Severity of the actions and harm to the victims act as large factors in handling the case. No matter the case, the law works to defend the victim’s interests—options are available.

Causes for Restraining Orders

A domestic violence restraining order, or DVRO, is an enforced civil court order telling abusers to end the abuse or face legal action. A DVRO is filed for the state of California if the abuser:

  • Causes or attempts to cause physical harm
  • Assaults the victim sexually
  • Threatens or creates fear of danger the the victim or another person
  • Commits an act of:
    • Molestation
    • Attack
    • Battery
    • Stalking
  • Electronically threatens or harasses the victim
  • Destroys the property of the victim
  • Disturbs the victim’s peace.

If an abuser goes against the restraining order then the legal consequences will be serious. Victims can use the DVRO to protect themselves and their families against the repercussions associated with getting a restraining order.

The Hurwitz Law Group assists clients with Los Angeles, California restraining orders

Domestic violence has long-lasting and damaging effects on victims and their families. There are countless occurrences every day in the state of California. We help victims with the legal protection needed to defend against the threat of abuse. If you are in need of a domestic violence restraining order, we are here to advise you. Call for a free consultation with restraining order attorney today.

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