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In Los Angeles and the surrounding areas in California, the term sex crime is actually much more broad than people realize. A violation of California Penal Code Section 314, otherwise known as “Indecent Exposure,” would fall under this classification, as would violations to Section 288(a), or lewd acts with a person under 14 years of age. More serious and/or violent crimes like violations of Penal Code Section 261, which includes rape, is also considered a sex crime.

Just a few other charges that would fall under the purview of a sex crime include but are not limited to:

All of these charges are equally humiliating and terrifying – particularly if you did not actually commit the crime that you are currently being accused of.

Being charged with a sex crime in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas carries with it a wide range of penalties that you need to be aware of moving forward. Regardless of the nature of your crime, you will likely have to register as a sex offender once a year – within five days of your birthday – for the rest of your life. This is to remain compliant with California Penal Code Section 290.

Likewise, it will become very difficult to live in your neighborhood of choice or to obtain gainful employment once you have received this status. Being found guilty of sex crime charges in LA will undoubtedly hinder your life in countless unforeseen ways for the rest of your life. Do not underestimate the importance of hiring a Los Angeles sex crimes attorney that will aggressively pursue your right to a just trial.

If you are convicted of a felony sex crime, the repercussions could be exponentially worse – not only do some carry incredibly long prison sentences, but certain offenses come with life sentences.

Penalties for sex crimes should be extremely severe, and commensurate in punishment to the crime committed. However, such penalties should only be inflicted upon a perpetrator of a sex crime. If you’ve been wrongfully accused of such a crime, you need a relentless lawyer advocating on your behalf.

It is common knowledge that neither the court nor the public are very sympathetic to those facing sex crime allegations – so a passionate, determined sex crimes lawyer is your best tool in seeking the most favorable outcome for the circumstances of your particular case.

Anything short of an aggressive legal defense against a sex crime charge could be tragic to your future. Hurwitz Law Group defends individuals who are facing sex crime offenses in and around Los Angeles and will present the true details of the case in court, on your behalf.

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