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According to a study conducted by the Office of the Attorney General, drug-related crimes in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California have actually been on the decline in recent years. In 2014, for example, drug offense rates decreased a total of 0.9 percent over numbers from the previous year. Despite this, drug arrests are still incredibly common – during the same year, drug or alcohol-related arrests accounted for 43.8 percent of all misdemeanor arrests across the state.

Most drug crimes in California (e.g., possession) are classified as misdemeanors. A misdemeanor charge, while not desirable, is less serious than a felony and won’t have such profound an impact on one’s life. In California, the maximum punishment for a misdemeanor crime is typically a fine of $1,000 and up to one year in a county jail.

However, some drug crimes are much more serious – like if you’ve been charged with something like large-scale drug trafficking. Regardless of the nature of your situation, Hurwitz Law Group works hard to help guarantee that all clients experience the fair day in court to which they are entitled.

We have significant experience handling drug crimes ranging from:

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Attorney Brian Hurwitz will examine every aspect of your case, making sure that arresting officers did not violate search and seizure laws in California and that they were not in violation of the state’s many entrapment laws. Entrapment is a situation where a law officer engaged in conduct that would cause an otherwise normal and law-abiding person to commit the crime in question. Attorney Hurwitz interprets all available evidence in every case to use it to the advantage of the client—to mount the strongest legal defense possible.

Note that if your drug crime is the first such misdemeanor that you’ve been charged with, and it was both A) non-violent in nature and B) low level, it is also possible to have it expunged from your record depending on the exact specifics of your situation. This means that documents related to your drug crime will be sealed, essentially making them no longer available to the general public. You would not even be required to disclose these drug crimes as a part of your criminal history, such as on a job application. If this is an option in your case, Hurwitz Law Group will fight to help make it possible.

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One of the factors that makes Hurwitz Law Group so unique in terms of drug crimes attorneys in Los Angeles is that the founder, Brian Hurwitz, handles each case personally. Attorney Hurwitz does everything in his power to guarantee that all clients receive just treatment per the legal system.

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