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Sexual abuse is currently a discussion point. Recently, news about sexual abuse cases has been suddenly rising. More and more sexual assault victims are speaking up about their sexual assault experience.

A sexual assault claim can be detrimental to the falsely accused. Society throws stones at sexual assault predators like a witch in a trial. This is because sexual assault cases are serious criminal cases. Punishments for sex crimes are not taken lightly by the law.

Falsely accused individuals should not suffer from the judging eyes of society. Our law firm believes in our client’s rights, and we represent our client’s cases assertively. We stop at nothing until they receive the justice they deserve.

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It is no news that sexual harassment cases have been getting tougher to fight. Individuals who are accused of sexual violence will need to testify their innocence before the court.

A mistakenly identified person will need to seek the help of sexual abuse attorneys. An experienced sexual abuse attorney can make a difference in their case. They can help look for strong evidence that can help them.

Because of the sensitive nature of a sexual assault crime, the law places heavy punishments for proven offenders. Penal Code 261 provides the corresponding punishment for rape offenders.

Our Los Angeles sexual assault attorney has years of experience in successful client representation. We have been representing victims of wrongful convictions for many years now.

At Hurwitz Law Group, our legal team protects our client’s rights. Sexual crimes are sensitive cases. You will need the help of an experienced lawyer to expose the truth.


The state of California has established several laws surrounding sexual assaults. These laws provided the definition and punishments for a sexual assault crime in the state. California sexual assault crime is a broad term used to define unconsented sexual acts.

This definition extends from unwanted sexual touching to attempted rape and forcible sexual contact. Under California Penal Code 243.4, sexual assault crimes are defined as unwanted sexual contact. This means that the victim did not consent to the defendant to do sexual actions to their body.

Despite the broad definition of sexual assault, it all boils down to the lack of victim’s consent.

  • Unwelcome touching of an intimate part of an individual is felony sexual battery. It includes a restrained, disabled, medically incapacitated, or unconscious person.
  • Fraudulently representing unwelcome sexual contact with a medically incapacitated person as a medical procedure. This is another felony sexual battery.
  • Coercing or forcing another individual to perform a sexual act or make sexual contact with either party or a third party is felony sexual battery.
  • Any unwelcome intimate touching of another person for the purposes of sexual abuse, sexual arousal, or sexual gratification is misdemeanor sexual battery.
  • Anyone who commits an act of sexual battery against a minor after receiving a prior felony conviction will receive another felony conviction for the sexual battery of a minor.



A sexual assault victim may experience more than one type of sexual assault crime. Depending on the sexual nature of the crime, a victim can charge the perpetrator for multiple sexual offenses. Indicated below are some of the different types of sexual assault as defined by the law:

  • Penal Code 288.5 criminalizes sexual abuse against children. This code states that an individual who sexually assaulted a minor three or more times in less than three months is convicted of sexual crimes.
  • Penal Code 261 prohibits unconsented sexual actions or rape. Sexual abusers who sexually abuse or rape a victim without their consent is charged as sexual offender. This includes assaulting victims who are under the influence of alcohol or physically unable.
  • Penal Code 243.4 states that unconsented touching of another person’s intimate parts is classified as sexual battery or assault. This is punishable by the law. Suppose the victim is unlawfully restrained or did not consent to be touched. In that case, they can file a lawsuit to incriminate their abuser.

Sexual assault victims experience serious emotional trauma after the assault. Most victims resent speaking up about their experience and suffer from severe emotional damage as a result.

Sexual offense victims can seek financial compensation for their physical injuries. Victims have the right to monetary compensation for their medical expenses and future medical treatment.

A wrongfully indicted individual will suffer severe monetary damages because of this. In addition, they can face criminal prosecution if the court finds them guilty of the charges.

Improperly accused individuals must seek the help of a seasoned criminal defense lawyer.


Depending on the nature of the crime, the penalties for sexual offenses can be extremely severe. You must consult with your Los Angeles sexual assault attorney for any penalties that you may potentially face.

Though most sexual assault cases are classified as felonies, some crimes can be charged with misdemeanors. If a case is identified as a misdemeanor, the attacker may face the following consequences:

  • Most misdemeanor cases face a jail time of six months up to one year. A convicted felon will stay in a county jail for the duration of their time.
  • Most misdemeanor cases may punish violators with up to $3,000 for fines.
  • A sexual offender may have to do mandatory community service during their probation period. Other than community service, an offender may have to go to rehabilitation and educational programs.
  • In California, all sexual offenders need to register their information in the state government’s database. For most misdemeanor cases, the abuser will be tagged as a sexual offender for ten years or more.

If the court ruled the case as a felony crime, a defendant might face severe consequences.

  • A guilty defendant may face imprisonment of up to four years in California state prison. They might be required to render an additional three or five years if the victim received a personal injury. The imprisonment period varies for each case.
  • The offender may have to pay up to $10,000 as fines for their sexual offense.
  • As mentioned, all sexual abusers will have to register their names as sexual offenders. For felony charges, an individual will face a lifetime registration according to California Law.

California Senate Bill 384 governs the law surrounding offender registration.

Depending on the decision of the court, a defendant may be classified as one of the following tiers:

  • Tier 1: Tier 1 is for offenders who committed minor sex offenses. They are required by the law to register their name for not less than ten years.
  • Tier 2: Tier 2 is reserved for sexual offenders whose crimes fall between minor offenses and significant offenses. Tier 2-classified offenders are required to register their names for no less than 20 years.
  • Tier 3: The third tier is dedicated to individuals who committed the most heinous sexual offense. Criminals under this tier are required to register their names for a lifetime.


Sexual assault attorneys are experienced professionals who are knowledgeable of the existing sexual assault laws in California. There are many trained professionals out there. But, what you need is someone renowned in the field of criminal defense law.

Our Los Angeles, CA office was able to help many residents who were falsely accused of a crime. At Hurwitz Law Group, our highly skilled criminal defense attorney devised several defense strategies that helped our clients avoid wrongful allegations.



False accusations of sexual assault offenses can cause emotional distress to the affected individual. Our law firm understands this situation that you are going through. We will fight aggressively to defend our client’s rights.

Our proven success in the field of criminal defense shows that we uphold our client’s best interests. Our legal team upholds our attorney-client relationship and ensures that we only offer the best quality of service and legal advice.

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