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Los Angeles Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

Drug Manufacturing Attorney Los Angeles

According to the Superior Court of California, misdemeanor crimes all across the state (including in Los Angeles) typically carry with them a maximum punishment of a $1,000 fine and less than one year in county jail. The term itself can actually be used to describe a wide range of different crimes and violations, including but not limited to things like:

When you are facing charges of drug manufacturing, you need an experienced attorney who will diligently protect your rights. Talk to the team at Hurwitz Law Group for answer to questions regarding your drug manufacturing case.

There are many types of drug offenses in California that lead to significant fines as well as imprisonment for offenders. Drug manufacturing can apply to the cultivation of plants used to produce illegal drugs as well as the chemical processes for refining drugs such as ecstasy, methamphetamine, or crack cocaine. Depending on where the drug manufacturing activity in question takes place, an offender can face aggravation during sentencing. It’s vital for all California residents to know the drug manufacturing laws in the state and to appreciate the value of a reliable Los Angeles drug manufacturing lawyer.

Types of Drug Manufacturing Offenses in California

California Health and Safety Code Section 11379.6 covers possible drug manufacturing and cultivation offenses in California. Broadly, the law covers any production, derivation, processing, preparation, conversion, compounding, manufacturing, chemical synthesis, or chemical extraction related to the production of illegal drugs. Offenders face felony drug manufacturing charges punishable by up to seven years in state prison and fines up to $50,000. Fines collected for such offenses go toward the Clandestine Drug Lab Clean-Up Account, a state-managed program aimed at safe disposal of illegal drug manufacturing supplies and equipment. Hurwitz Law Group is here with more information for you.

Drug Manufacturing Law Firm

Aggravation often comes into play during sentencing in drug manufacturing cases. Depending on the location of a drug manufacturing operation or the location where drug manufacturing activities took place, an offender risks increased penalties. Some factors that can lead to aggravation in sentencing include:

  • Conducting any type of drug manufacturing process in a structure occupied by residents under the age of 16.
  • Producing methamphetamine within 200 feet of any occupied residence or structure.
  • Using volatile solvents for any drug manufacturing purposes within 300 feet of an occupied structure.
  • Chemically extracting concentrated cannabis within 300 feet of an occupied residence or structure.

California Cannabis Cultivation Laws

Marijuana is legal to own, consume, and privately grow for adults over the age of 21. California residents may maintain up to six marijuana plants for personal use and possess up to 28 grams of marijuana at any time. However, possession of more than the amounts required by law may lead to drug manufacturing charges. For example, keeping six marijuana plants in your home for personal use is acceptable under California’s drug laws, but keeping more than six plants produces a larger harvest and therefore counts as drug manufacturing.

A defendant facing drug manufacturing charges can defend against such charges by providing significant proof that he or she was lawfully abiding by the state’s cannabis cultivation laws or possessed a medical marijuana card for a legitimate medical issue. Some Californians may also secure special licenses to allow them to produce more than the typically permitted amount of marijuana plants for the purposes of supplying local medicinal marijuana dispensaries. However, failing to acquire and/or maintain the necessary business licenses for such practices can lead to felony drug manufacturing charges.

Protecting Your Rights

If you need a Los Angeles drug manufacturing lawyer, the Hurwitz Law Group is here to help. Our team has extensive experience with all types of criminal drug cases in California, and we have one of the highest success rates for any defense firm in the area. We have an unfaltering commitment to our clients’ rights and can help you defend against unjust drug trafficking charges. Many possible factors such as mistaken identity, protected business or personal practices, or other circumstances may aid you in your case, and we will work tirelessly to have the charges against you reduced or dropped.

Contact our Los Angeles office today to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys about your drug manufacturing case. We’ll review the charges against you and let you know how our firm can help.

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