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Being faced with criminal charges can be devastating and life-altering. It can be hard to know what exactly your next course of action should be, but the first step should be seeking out a defense attorney. Hurwitz Law Group is one place to turn when looking for a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. This law group operates under the belief that everyone deserves fair representation in court, whether the criminal charges are legitimate or not. They aim to get cases dismissed, but if that doesn’t work then they go for trying to get the charges reduced. Hurwitz Law Group boasts that they are ready to go to war for their clients.

What Does A Defense Attorney Do?

Those who have never faced criminal charges may not know what exactly a defense attorney is or what they do. The main job of a criminal defense attorney is to defend someone who has been charged with criminal acts. While this is the primary goal, they will perform many smaller tasks in order to properly defend their client. The first step will be for the attorney and client to sit down and talk so that the attorney is able to get as many details as possible about the case. At Hurwitz Law Group, Brian Hurwitz personally sits down with each client.

Other Steps

The lawyer will also see to investigating the case, looking for strengths and weaknesses and figuring out what to do about them. This may include speaking with the police or witnesses. In addition, they will look at the case that the prosecution has created before going to trial. A defense attorney may also analyze any evidence for the case, and they have the right to have it individually tested. The attorney is also responsible for staying in touch with the client throughout the process. In addition, the defense attorney will be part of the jury selection and negotiate a plea bargain if needed. If the client is sentenced, the attorney will represent the client during sentencing.

Why Choose Hurwitz Law Group?

Brian Hurwitz at Hurwitz Law Group is an experienced defense attorney who believes that everyone should have a fair trial, no matter what. He also has relationships with judges and prosecutors alike in the Los Angeles area, which makes it easier to vouch for his clients during a case. Brian Hurwitz is passionate about what he does and he works with each and every individual so that he can understand their case and better work on a defense. Each of Brian’s clients is a priority to him, so he is ready and able to answer the phone whenever they call so he can provide the necessary support. Going through a trial can awful, but Brian is ready to help his clients through it.

Practice Areas

Hurwitz Law Group has a handful of practice areas. These areas include domestic violence, misdemeanor, drug crimes, and sex crimes. They also practice in DUIs, expungements, and restraining orders. Even if the charges appear to be minor, it is important to have a legal team such as Hurwitz on your side.

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