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When driving a car on public roads, it's quite a challenge to respect every regulation and one of the most critical mistakes you could do is driving under the influence. At Hurwitz Law Group, our DUI attorney in Los Angeles can assist you with your problem.

When do you need a DUI lawyer?

Having a shot and not getting caught is possible, but when the police are asking you to do an alcohol test, that may be the right time to approach an attorney. It will help if you remember that not only alcohol tests positive. Some energizing or soft drinks or even your regular coughing syrup can get a similar result and get you in trouble.

Whatever the reason is, a DUI offense will show not only on your DMV records, but it will be recorded as a criminal offense, too. It will be better to exercise precaution when dealing with such a case and follow a few steps:

  • You may not need a lawyer for any situation, but a first telephonic discussion with a specialist will help you evaluate your case before moving forward
  • Discuss with a DUI attorney in Los Angeles about your problem – if you have no legal experience, it will be challenging to keep up with all the latest law updates. A specialized lawyer will do a proper assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case and present you with a possible solution
  • Going to trial – according to the law, you have the right to defend yourself. However, a lack of law knowledge may create a disadvantage for you in court. The bottom line is that, when you go to trial, you must have an attorney with you

Can a DUI case be dismissed?

Yes, it is possible to dismiss the DUI charges before the actual trial. Sometimes, even the prosecutors may take such a decision on their own, knowing the defects in their case. There are a few common reasons for dismissing a DUI case:

Police did not have proper motives to stop you – if you were driving properly without posing a danger to others, the officer was not supposed to stop you

Illegal field sobriety or chemical tests – while you can consent to a breathing or even a blood test, the officer should explain the reasons for these

A qualified DUI attorney in Los Angeles can advise if your case is solid and if you can walk out free of any criminal or driving records.

Is it worth getting a DUI attorney?

You may not need in all the cases an attorney to represent you, especially when the prosecutor case is weak. Nevertheless, to do an initial assessment of your situation, a lawyer may be required.

We, at Hurwitz Law Group, are ready to assist you right from the beginning. We do hope that we will be able to solve your problem before going to court, but you do not have to worry. We have a long-standing experience in handling and winning complicated cases.

Dui Attorney Los Angeles
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Dui Attorney Los Angeles
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