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collaborative divorce Orlando Florida

collaborative divorce Orlando Florida

If you want to do a collaborative divorce in Orlando, Florida, it'll be cheaper, fast, and unemotional with an adept divorce attorney. Are you worried about where to find one? West Family Law Group is a professional law firm with a deep understanding, compassion, and creativity to help you achieve your objectives.

What is collaborative divorce?

Collaborative divorce is also known as collaborative law. This is a legal process allowing both partners amid a divorce to work with their lawyers towards a mutual resolution. Couples who need privacy and feel it’s right to work out their divorce settlement, they opt using collaborative law but still under legal protection. Although this isn’t right to everyone, collaborative divorce allows the spouses to end their marriage but keep a functional relationship.

Collaborative divorce aims at avoiding the adversarial and emotional nature of the traditional litigation process. The legal experts who help the couples in collaborative law know to reach a "win-win" settlement but not "win-lose" settlement. These specialists are skillful in bringing about negotiations, manage conflicts, and create a resolution that favors both parties plus the welfare of their children.

Benefits of using collaborative divorce

In a traditional divorce, the spouses will follow the final ruling from the judge. The judge decides child custody, visitation disputes, child support, and spousal support and determines how to share the marital property. In many cases, traditional divorce wounds may stay fresh for a long time. The good news is, collaborative law can be highly effective under the guidance of a competent divorce lawyer.

Collaborative divorce in Orlando, Florida, is different and distinct from mediation and arbitration because the couple participates in it voluntarily, on their own concerns. The couple involves law experts in the process, but they don’t make the decisions for them. Apart from this, there're several benefits of using a collaborative process:

  • Time and money-saving
  • Less stress, anxiety, and frustrations
  • Privacy
  • More cooperation
  • More control and fast process

A reliable, collaborative lawyer

At our superior law firm, we've got a team of highly-rated lawyers who commit themselves in making the collaborative law process comfortable, fast, and stress-free. They've got vast experience in conflict resolution, problem-solving negotiation, and advocacy. If you want to use collaborative divorce we'll help you with:

  • Educate you regarding the law
  • Advocate for you
  • Facilitate a mutual agreement
  • Prepare the paperwork to complete your divorce

We professionally use a non-adversarial approach to focus upon resolutions to your family issues, address your goals, and anticipate your future needs for long-term solutions.

Use a tranquil divorce process

If you want to keep your private information confidential, do the best for your children and retain control of your family’s future success, collaborative divorce in Orlando, Florida, is for you.

The traditional divorce process can be stressful and frustrating, but we've got a solution for you. Schedule your confidential consultation with West Family Law Group today to know how the collaborative law process will work for you.

collaborative divorce Orlando Florida
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collaborative divorce Orlando Florida
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collaborative divorce Orlando Florida