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Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

It is important to speak to a lawyer for legal advice and guidance if you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Los Angeles. Many people lack a clear understanding of the law and legal processes, which can affect their ability to make sound decisions and present a persuasive defense.

In the end, this can significantly damage their case and lead to severe consequences. The role of a criminal defense attorney is not only to represent you within a court of law, but to help you understand what is happening and make sure you are aware of all the options that are available to you.

At Hurwitz Law Group, Inc, we genuinely care about every case we take and every client we help. We are on your side and we will do our best to defend you against any charges that have been brought against you.


Our team has years of experience inside the courtroom. In addition to having a firm grasp of the law, we thoroughly understand the legal process and have unique insight into how the system works. We are familiar with many of the prosecutors and judges in Los Angeles County, and we know how they think and what they look for when reviewing a case or determining sentencing.  Our expertise and professionalism work in your favor when presenting a defense or negotiating a plea bargain. We help you avoid mistakes that can harm the outcome of your case or cause unnecessary complications. With our criminal defense attorneys in your corner, you will have greater peace of mind knowing that you have the best legal representation working with you.


When choosing a lawyer to represent you in a case, it is often a good idea to find someone who has extensive experience with cases similar to yours. Whether you have been arrested for a DUI or petty theft, you want a criminal defense attorney who is highly familiar with that area of the law. At Hurwitz Law Group, Inc we have a team of experienced lawyers specializing in a wide range of criminal cases. No matter what crime you have been charged with, we are confident we have the expertise to help you.


Our lawyers are committed to helping their clients both in and out of the courtroom. We do our best to make ourselves available to our clients and to be there for them in a professional capacity. Whether they need clarification regarding matters related to their case or require legal advice, we make sure that we are there to provide them with the help they need while they are going through this difficult and stressful process.


Often, defendants find themselves on the receiving end of very little compassion or sympathy from others. Even when an individual has been falsely accused, they may not have the support of those around them. In the eyes of the public, they may already be deemed guilty. At Hurwitz Law Group, Inc we know what our clients are going through and we offer them our understanding and support.

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